Audits & Reporting

We believe reports should be easy to understand, we don’t overload you with data.

We have always prided ourselves on how we report to our clients. In fact, we have often been told on numerous occasions by clients how much they appreciate our reporting style. We send all our clients a personal email each month with an update of what is happening, where we are in their campaign and what the plan is for the coming weeks.

To further back this up, we provide a report showing some of the key data you as the client wants to know such as, how visible your website is, how people are finding your website and crucially how well it is performing and converting.

Our clients know that if something doesnt make sense or they have more questions they can always pick up the phone and give Aaron, or one of the team a call, and we will be only to happy to explain.

Read more about our team, see our recent client work or simply get in touch to discuss how we can improve your SEO.

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