Hear it from the clients: Get It Made

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
December 1, 2020

In our Hear it from our client series, we are showcasing clients across a variety of sectors, talking about the impact that SEO has had for their business. No hard sell on figures or technical terms – just the bottom line tangible results and effect that investing in search has had on their individual business goals and targets.

We always have liked to shout about our clients’ SEO successes, but it’s ten times nicer and rewarding to hear it directly from them too. And they say the proof is always in the pudding…

Second in our series is a B2B engineering client, Get It Made.


When Get It Made’s founder – Luke Smoothy – appointed The Evergreen Agency back at the start of 2020, he and his team were looking for an agency that could get to grips and on board with the company’s unique engineering sector of bespoke manufacturing for a range of technical industries. It includes sub-sea, medical and aerospace – pretty niche. “We chose to work with The Evergreen Agency for our SEO and marketing, as simply we wanted to work with the best in the business,” adds Luke.

SEO wasn’t new to Luke; his team understood the importance of a well-performing website, but needed a steer with audits, implementations and links – and that’s where we came in.


We’ve invested as much time as we can into learning Get It Made’s business inside out. Knowing how their customer thinks, how their industry works and what makes them unique, is all essential to us giving the best SEO service we could.

Luke continues: “They really took the time to understand our business; they are now experts in manufacturing and CNC machining!”

Get It Made fully appreciated that SEO is a long-term journey: “Investments usually take time to make a return. The same is true in SEO. Luckily with Evergreen we have seen some great improvements early on.”

However, in less than a year, we’re proud to already have driven: 180% increase in site visits, 200% increase in organic impressions, and 70% increase in enquiries.

Here’s to 2021 and beyond!

Like what you hear from Luke? If you’re in the professional services space, and interested in SEO, PPC, Content or Digital PR services, we’re actively expanding our client portfolio ready. Get in touch today for a consultation on how we can transform your business.

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