Making your way into marketing

By Amber Williams
January 24, 2022

The Evergreen team is currently made up of 13 incredibly talented individuals covering services of SEO, PPC and Digital PR. But how did they all make it to The Evergreen Agency?

How did they get to this point in their career? What steps did they take? More importantly, how can someone who wants to break into the digital marketing industry, break in?

Well, the answer is that there isn’t a set path…

Okay, so that might not be the most helpful answer in the world but it rings a lot of truth. There really isn’t a one size fits all strategy when it comes to breaking into the digital marketing industry, and that’s the beauty of it! All 13 of us have made completely different decisions in our lives and gone completely different paths to get to where we all are now, in the same office, having the time of our lives!

After sharing our war stories of how we got to The Evergreen Agency, we thought it would be a great topic to share with The Evergreen Way readers, in order to achieve two things:

  • Get to know the team and show why we are a fabulous bunch who are a pleasure to work with. So much so that if you’re interested in joining, take a look at our careers page!
  • Demonstrate to anyone looking at the marketing industry and wanting to be in it that it is absolutely possible. Regardless of age, or experience, if you want to be here in the industry with us, you definitely can be.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Degree

Much to our surprise, there weren’t many of our team who took the more traditional route into the industry using a marketing degree. In fact, our SEO Executive Ray and our P/A and Marketing Assistant Amber were the only two to enter the agency with this qualification. When we asked about how beneficial they’d found this degree to be, they both agreed that it was a great starting point for learning, but definitely not the only way they could have familiarised themselves with the foundations of marketing.

“I found it an amazing experience, don’t get me wrong. It was great chatting with the lecturers who normally had an amazing portfolio of industry experience, but on reflection, you definitely don’t pick up as many practical marketing skills as you’d expect” – Amber W

There were, however, a few of us who took the university route studying topics slightly outside the realm of digital marketing. Some took English literature, some took graphic design and one person even did audio production! Although these weren’t completely marketing focused, they definitely acted as the initial stepping stone to move into the industry. You acquire valuable skills relating to time management etc. and these can all be applied to the working world. From these subjects, our team were naturally drawn to the area of digital marketing through their post-grad jobs and interests outside of these.

The Marketing Qualifications

Now degrees really aren’t the only option when considering a career in digital marketing. In fact, it’s incredibly common for individuals to enter the industry through apprenticeships and online courses, more than any other method. Our very own MD Aaron took part in a marketing course to initially kickstart his career, in addition to our PR Executive Amber B. Amber carried out an apprenticeship that gave her incredibly valuable marketing experience, alongside her studies, which then propelled her into the digital PR role that she now has. Similar to a degree, these qualifications provide you with the foundations of marketing, which you can then build upon and progress your career in any direction you’d like.

The ‘Do it Yourself’ method

Now if those options weren’t enough, we quickly realised that the ‘Do it Yourself’ method was a major contributing factor to most of our learning and development as a team. There is an incredible wealth of knowledge that you can find online regarding digital marketing. You would be amazed how much these resources can allow someone to take their career and knowledge to the next level.

Our Senior SEO Analyst Carl is a prime example of this! He’s the best in the game when it comes to technical analysis and website optimisation. The best part is that every single scrap of knowledge he has comes directly from his own motivation and perseverance to learn about the industry online. He is an amazing demonstration of how you can turn an interest into an entire career with the right determination and focus.

As a team, we can all dedicate a large proportion of our expertise to the resources we’ve found online. It can act as the stepping stone you need to help redirect your career if you’re looking to get into the industry, or simply accelerate your development if you’re wanting to learn more and do more.

So there we have it!

It’s safe to say that there is no correct way of getting into this industry. It’s about what works best for you, your learning style and your lifestyle. As long as you’ve got the passion, motivation and resilience to learn, you’ll be stepping into the industry in no time.

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