My first full year in SEO

By Ray Saddiq
January 18, 2022

Hi there, I’m Ray and I’m an SEO Executive here at The Evergreen Agency. Usually, when I tell people outside the industry I work In SEO and what I do, I am often met with confused faces or my parent’s classic response of…

‘’So you work for Google??’’ 👵🏽

No mum and dad, I don’t work for Google. However, over the past year, I have had the pleasure of working in a fantastic (and beautiful) office with some very talented people.

Prior to working here, I had absolutely zero experience working in this industry and I can say my SEO journey has been crazy – in a great way! So I thought I would share my experience of year one with anyone looking to get into the industry.

Fingers in SEO pies

I’m not a huge fan of pie but the saying/phrase fits well. During my time at Evergreen, I have had the opportunity to work in many different departments at the agency, which has ranged from PR, Content, Technical, Local and Strategy. Being able to work in these taught me a lot about the industry as a whole but if I didn’t work In each of these departments and I had to learn everything again this is what I would do 👇🏽

🕵️ Read, watch, consume information regarding each. This can range from blogs, tweets, attending events. The industry is based around search marketing, primarily Google and Google provides all of this information to us for free! So get searching.

👩‍💻Talk to people in various roles in the industry, Linkedin is also free! and people in SEO are honestly super nice and will always give you loads of advice and information about what they do

🧑‍🏭Have a go yourself, in this industry trying things yourself is the absolute best way to learn, set up your own website follow some SEO training online and get started.

Get involved in every part of SEO to understand what you like and what you’re good at!

Networking has never been easier

As I mentioned above, people in SEO are just so friendly. Everyone loves a chat and sharing knowledge. I definitely learnt this when I attended my first in-person Brighton SEO event. The atmosphere was insane. The talks were great and everyone just wanted to get to know everyone else. I had over 70 LinkedIn connection requests the next day!

Over this past year, I have met so many amazing people in the industry and learned something new or a new technique from nearly all of them.

I have also learnt, other than LinkedIn and events such as Brighton SEO, there are so many ways to connect with people in the industry. One of these being Twitter. SEO and PR Twitter is a fantastic place to learn from – and see the reality of what the industry is really about behind the scenes.

Highlights from this past year for me

This is definitely an industry where hard work does pay off. You do get to see some amazing results from things you have implemented or projects you have been a part of. I have added some highlights of the past year for me below

💥Being involved in some cool SEO projects at work and achieving some amazing results for clients
✨Gaining some great coverage on publications and blogs
🙏🏽Moving from Junior to SEO Executive
🗣Attending Brighton SEO
👀Watching the new office come together

Thanks for giving this a read, if you have any questions about how to get into SEO or you just want to expand your network feel free to hit me up on Linkedin.

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