With the Olympics now over (sob!), our weekends will no doubt soon be filled up with extra work again. After all, there’s no stopping for a break in this game; the world of SEO is fast-paced and ever-changing.

So, what has been happening in the Search Engine Optimisation arena over the last week or so? Thankfully for you, we’ve been able to tear ourselves away from the office TV (Usain Bolt, though – how good is he?!) for long enough to see what useful nuggets of information are out there on the Internet this week. And there’s a few, let us tell you. Read on…

As ever, we’re bringing you some of the most exciting and interesting SEO-related stories and info from around the net. Each one will help you do your job that bit better and they may even give you a push in the right direction when it comes to smashing-term business goals in the process. Without further ado, then…

Another week, another raft of digital projects coming our way! And after a lovely weekend spent outside enjoying the Great British weather (gloriously sunny, for a change!), we’re now back to it and ready and raring to put a smile on our clients’ faces via a job (or two!) well done.

How’s your week shaping up so far? If you reckon it could do with a kick-start, perhaps some of the hints and tips via our usual weekly ‘In the News’ roundup post will do it?

Pinch, punch – it’s the first of the month! And it’s already shaping up to be an extremely busy few weeks ahead for The Evergreen Agency team, with plenty of projects booked in to keep us occupied.

Our website is undergoing a little maintenance in August, with a sparkly, new and improved version soon on the way. For our clients, there are plenty of changes afoot too – and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what’s in store for this month and next.

As we move into the last working week of the month, we’re reflecting on how much we’ve accomplished in the first half of the year – and it’s a lot!

We’ve taken on new staff members, introduced a host of exciting first-time Evergreen clients and rebranded. We’ve gone from Evergreen SEO to The Evergreen Agency, which means we can offer a whole lot more than search engine optimisation.

It’s certainly been a week of exciting digital news, hasn’t it? And whether you’re a gaming fan or not, the fact that the Pokémon Go app is now available here in the UK won’t have escaped your notice. We bet – amongst the sunny selfies and barbecue snaps, there were more than a few Pokémon-related posts littering your social media timelines over the weekend.