Tips for coming up with link-worthy ideas

By Amber Buonsenso
February 17, 2022

The rise of reactive digital PR is undoubtable, but more ‘planned’ campaigns are still a central part of well-rounded, digital PR strategies for link building.

Unlike reactive, planned campaigns require, well, planning. They tend to involve more investment with things like data, visuals and copy, putting more pressure on them to perform.

Obviously, you can never guarantee that a campaign will land tons of links! But you can drastically increase your campaign’s chances of success by doing your research first.

Therefore, here are our top three tips for coming up with link-worthy ideas:

Research press coverage

The first step in coming up with an idea that the press will love, is understanding what stories journalists in your chosen industry are writing about already.

  • Do they regularly feature survey findings, reports or government data?
  • Do they rely heavily on visuals or are they more copy-led?

Knowing what kind of stories your target publications feature will help you know what might get traction when coming up with ideas.

Know what your competitors are up to

There is nothing worse than spending weeks (or months!) on a campaign, only to discover that your competitor did the exact same thing a few months earlier.

Make sure you check out what your competitors are doing during your ideation phase, not only will this stop you from creating something that’s already been done, it will also highlight gaps in your competitors’ strategy that you could explore.

A quick scan of your competitor’s backlink profiles will show the PR activities that are working well in the industry and campaign ideas that have already been used and worked well.

Utilise your USP

We all know that digital PR is competitive, with brands launching hundreds of campaigns each month and journalists receiving thousands of pitch emails. So what can you offer that will make your campaign stand out?

  • Do you have access to unique data or insights?
  • Do you have experts that can give your content more credibility?

If your campaign is just relying on publicly available data that journalists can just grab themselves, you will struggle to get their attention!

Think ahead of the trend when it comes to data collection.

On a regular basis, the next ‘big thing’ comes along for methods of collecting data to backup campaigns with.

Usually dependent on new platforms and trends (TikTok being a good example from just a few years ago), it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and collate lists that rely on new platforms.

However, just think about the number of other PR’s doing the exact same thing, and the competition becomes extremely high. The answer? Identify the next big trend before it becomes so. If you become an early adopter of a new platform or technology, the competition will be substantially less.

Hopefully these tips can help you develop a digital PR campaign that has a great chance of success!

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