What you can achieve when you streamline your SEO, Content Marketing and PPC

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
July 27, 2022

In this post, we’ve taken a step back to take stock of our hard work paying off.

We’re delighted to share what’s possible with a streamlined approach to your digital marketing. In a nutshell, our SEO, Content Marketing and PPC efforts have collectively worked their magic and have helped to achieve a MASSIVE 52% increase in sales year on year for one of our clients, so we thought we’d share some useful nuggets about how this was achieved.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • We have just passed £600,000+ worth of ecommerce sales for one of our home and garden brands in the past couple months and when we compare those numbers to a year ago, it’s showing a 52% increase in year-on-year sales for the same period.
  • This isn’t some big brand with a massive marketing budget, huge team and lots of resources.
  • This is a modest small business that last year came to us with an ambition to break £1,000,000 in annual ecommerce sales.
  • We took on the challenge with open arms and quickly built a digital marketing strategy, then got our heads down and worked incredibly hard to make it happen for this client.
  • No fluff, no over-complicated marketing BS, just a clear plan/strategy and lots of hard graft.

£100,000s in sales later, and we have one VERY happy client. It was the client that sent us this graphic saying, and I quote “this is one sexy graph”. 😀

We predict that we will easily pass £1,000,000 in sales for this ecommerce client this year. This is what I love most about our agency; the fact that success like this can be directly attributed to the INCREDIBLE team we have here.

Our Digital marketing manager Naomi and her team have worked miracles to build and execute a fantastic SEO campaign that has significantly improved the client’s online visibility, as is highlighted in the below graph, showing a year-on-year increase of 28% total users to the website.

A key part of every great SEO campaign is content marketing, which sees Josie, our Content Marketing Manager and her team research and produce an incredibly smart content strategy. This helps elevate this ecommerce brand to not only an online shop, but a source of industry-leading information.

What this means for the business is an industry-leading conversion rate of 3.02%, more than twice the industry average in the home and garden sector.

To leverage the most out of your content, you need great promotion (and links) in order to increase your online visibility. Our digital marketing executive Amber, we have had consistent features in the press and highly relevant links rolling in week after week.

This increased brand awareness translates into greater visibility and ultimately more sales, as we can see below. This graph  shows a whopping 56% increase in orders year on year.

Running alongside the SEO, Content Marketing and Promotional campaigns has been a PPC campaign that I have personally been overseeing and running.  It’s seeing huge growth and we have been creative with our approach to maximum ROAS (return on ad spend).

Ultimately ,all of these efforts in the past year boil down to the results for the business, as we’re in a results-driven industry.

Looking at the past 3 months’ data this week, we see the ecommerce sales are showing a 52% year-on-year increase. I’d say that is something to be damn proud of.

What do these results mean? We have one very happy client, and a very satisfied team, knowing they are genuinely making such an incredible difference for this ‘small’ ecommerce business.

This client is partnered with us via our Retail & Ecommerce specific digital marketing solution.

So, if your business needs this kind of partnership with a digital marketing agency to grow via SEO, PPC and Content Marketing, then maybe consider getting in touch. We’ll be welcoming 2-3 new clients into the Evergreen family in September, and as ever, it’ll be first come, first served…

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