What makes an ‘Evergreen’ link?

By Amber Buonsenso
July 19, 2021

When it comes to traditional link building and digital PR, it can be very easy to categorise how superior a link is simply by its domain rating, or the popularity of the website the link has come from. However there’s a lot more to a link than just those factors, which is why it is important to be aiming to earn ‘Evergreen’ links. This is precisely what our team do on a daily basis and I wanted to share how we do it.

So what are ‘Evergreen’ links? 

An Evergreen link is a type of link that will not only positively impact your search rankings but is also valuable beyond that point. This type of link should drive continuous quality leads to your website whether that may be paying customers or enquiries.

In order for a link to be ‘Evergreen’ it should contain the following:

  • Relevancy
  • High Authority
  • Long term value
  • Trustworthiness


Evergreen links will come from sites that are relevant to the clients business and its products/services, whether that be an industry blog or a news site that is covering the right topic. Not only does the website need to be relevant in some way, but the link’s anchor text needs to be relevant too and should be able to tell Google what the topic of the link is about from a couple of words.

For example, a link to a law firm that has been included on a law advice blog, should not have anchor text relating to cars!

High authority

It is important for links to come from fairly authoritative websites as these are websites that google views as having authority and control over a subject or various topics. Authoritative sites tend to have unique and valuable content and a high amount of site traffic, so managing to earn a link on a website like this is great as it can pass link equity to your website. Not all links will have the highest DR but you shouldn’t rule these out. They could be extremely niche and relevant to your business, in which case they are still good links to have and will give you a diverse backlink profile.

For example, a link for a phone refurbishment company on a niche tech blog may be more valuable than a feature in a higher authority website where tech is only a small topic that is covered occasionally. But as mentioned, both links are still great to earn and can help create a diverse backlink profile for the business. 

Long term value

A link should be able to provide long-term value meaning that it should not completely stop generating traffic to your website after a certain time period. If the link is natural (not paid) and has been earned, it should be placed on a webpage to provide additional value and information to what is already on that website and therefore keep generating traffic over time.

Roundups and guides would be a good place to earn a valuable link as people tend to re-visit these as the information on them doesn’t usually go out of date. For example, ‘the ultimate guide to planning the best wedding’, people will continue to re-visit ultimate guides and how-to articles because the information still remains useful months after it is published.


When a website is linking to you, they’re basically giving you a vote of confidence. So it is important to make sure the website that you’re earning a link from is trustworthy. Most websites will be trustworthy but some are spammy and have the wrong intentions. You can spot untrustworthy websites as they will have some of the following aspects:

  • Too much repetition of the same keywords in an attempt to trick the search engine
  • Very small amounts of content on each page
  • Extreme amounts of advertising
  • Plagiarised or poorly written content

The majority of websites are fine so you shouldn’t worry, but if a website looks spammy and is showing signs of the above, then it most likely isn’t a trustworthy website to reach out to.

Using this as a guide when finding link earning opportunities will help you build even more valuable links for your clients which is a win-win situation for everyone. Of course, there isn’t a set rule when finding the right websites and there are exceptions depending on the business and the industry it’s within, but creating quality links over a large number of links will bring great results in the long term!

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