What Paid Search/PPC ads can and can’t do for your business

By Stan Welman-Williams
January 19, 2022

Paid Search is a fantastic tool in your marketing arsenal and is an invaluable way to help reach your business goals.

There are a myriad of things that Paid Search can do in the short and long run but equally, there are things that it can’t do that you might think it can, things that will taint your opinion of it if you’re not careful. This might then mean you shy away from a potentially huge money earner, which would not be ideal.

With this in mind, it is essential that you are clear going into Paid Search of what things it can and can’t do, or guarantees, and the ways in which The Evergreen Agency can help you achieve your goals.

3 things that Paid Search can do for you:

1. Data, lots and lots of data

One of the key things that Paid Search can do for you is show you data. If you’re bidding on a keyword, you can see all sorts of data:

  • Number of impressions
  • Number of clicks
  • The click-through rate (CTR) for that keyword
  • Number of conversions
  • Cost
  • The cost per conversion
  • The actual search query related to that keyword

You can see this for all of your keywords, ad groups and ad copy extensions. This means you have a veritable gold mine of data that you can then delve into to make smart decisions and see what’s working for your business. Data is the most important and valuable tool you have in your toolbelt across all marketing and Paid Search campaigns, it can help you see what people are expecting from your business which can then help you decide how to run not only Paid Search but SEO, Social Media and all your other marketing.

Another upside of Paid Search is that this data comes in quickly, especially with larger budgets, so you aren’t waiting long before you can start seeing what’s going on.

2. Qualified traffic

If you are running your Paid Search campaigns as they should be run, you will be bidding on relevant keywords to your business. This means that you are showing your ads to people who are specifically looking for what you are offering. What better way to know someone is a qualified lead than to know what they are searching for, and then showing them ad copy that relates specifically to that search?

Hopefully, this then means they convert, but even if they don’t you can try and identify why they didn’t. The Evergreen Agency has good experience in knowing what sort of landing pages help customers convert and can help in that regard. Not every user is going to convert but if you are bidding on the correct keywords, showing well-written and relevant ad copy, and then sending the user to a landing page that is relevant to them and geared to convert customers, then you have the best shot at getting those coveted conversions and seeing good conversion rates.

3. An insight into how your customers think and their personas

This goes back to data again but comes at it from a slightly different angle to leverage it for your overall marketing and business strategy. As a business owner (and even as a marketer) you can sometimes be a bit too deep in and can stop seeing the woods for the trees.

Using the data we discussed above, as well as seeing what people actually search using the search term report, using segmentations to see what time of day, what gender or what devices people are searching on, you can start building up an idea of what is important to the people who buy from you. You can then use this to write compelling ad copy for your Paid Search, build ads and posts for your social media or even use it for things like TV and radio ads.

All three of the above are distinct things that can help you with your business and very strong reasons to invest in Google Ads on their own, but they also really come together when you start leveraging them all at once. You can then start making really smart decisions within the account but also across all marketing. Paid Search is a huge tool to utilise for your business, not using it is like going to a building site without a screwdriver, you might be able to do bits and pieces with the edge of a butter knife but you won’t be anywhere near as effective.

That isn’t to say that it is a magic wand that can do everything, there are also things it can’t do with Paid Search that we will go over below.

3 Things Paid Search can’t do for you:

1. Guarantee conversions

Google Ads can provide data and qualified traffic as we have discussed above but it can’t guarantee conversions. Proper management and a bidding strategy can definitely help provide strong conversion rates and cost per conversion, but a user’s conversion likelihood can rely on so many different factors that nobody can guarantee a certain number of conversions.

Brand authority, landing page experience, time of day, whether a package is being delivered at the time can all lead to different outcomes. Here at Evergreen, we make it a priority to actively manage your account and make smart decisions based on the data we have to optimise for the best chance of getting those conversions through the door. We may not be able to guarantee, but we put you in the best position we can to convert.

2. Be your only marketing tool

Paid Search is a powerful tool that should absolutely be utilised as a way to help increase your business but there is so much more to marketing than just using Paid Search. To really make your business stand out you need to make sure you are utilising SEO, Paid Social and any other means that can increase brand awareness, brand authority and brand loyalty.

We at The Evergreen Agency strongly believe that utilising both PPC and SEO can complement each other in a myriad of ways that means you get the best results. Even then, you need to leverage other methods to make sure you are doing as well as you can.

3. Show your ads for every single search

There are many factors that go into deciding whether your ad is shown on Google, Bing or any of the other search engines. Gone are the days when it was all just bid times quality score. Now we have Ad Thresholds and other, not quite fully explained, categories that can impact how often and how much you pay for impressions and clicks. Considering your business, your budget, your competitors, your location targeting and even more this can add further wrinkles. Essentially what this boils down to is the fact that you aren’t likely to have your ad show every time someone searches for one of your keywords. It won’t always show when you or anyone else, searches for your keywords but you can see how often it is showing with Impression Share.

A key thing to remember is that you don’t need to be showing for every search as long as you are seeing profitable results. Your Impression Share being low also shows you have the ability to scale! Sometimes you can start focusing on vanity metrics, like seeing your ad when you Google a keyword, that you miss that your campaign is getting great results and you’re seeing an ROI.

So, there we have 3 things Paid Search can do and 3 things Paid Search can’t do. You’ll notice that none of these things exists in a vacuum though and the things that Paid Search can do still require management and the right knowledge to make them do the best they can. Equally, the things Paid Search can’t do can be mitigated with the right person behind the screen.

As mentioned several times, Paid Search shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of your marketing, SEO, Social and website development all play a vital role in your business but you can see that Paid Search is another tool in your belt that will take your business to the next level. Here at Evergreen, we have a great team that can help you with several of these things and a top-notch PPC team to help get you where you need to be with Paid Search.

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