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Hawkins Family Law

Overcoming advertising hurdles with a strategic SEO & PPC campaign to boost family law firm’s visibility


Family law firm, Hawkins, appointed Evergreen in early 2020. In the months since, we have given Hawkins the full SEO and PPC treatment to boost the firm’s online visibility and ultimately increase its leads and client numbers.


SEO was essentially easy to fix or implement – boosting brand visibility is second nature to our experts. The tricky hurdle came on PPC activity… Hawkins wanted to reach their potential clients (site visitors), but retargeting in this industry – much like alcohol or insensitive subjects – is limited and restricted. We needed to overcome these advertising hurdles to ensure Hawkins still remained visible to people who had visited their site and were potentially interested in their services; so that they became conversions.


Boosting rankings and keyword visibility was the first part of the solution – to attract clients, we had to make sure our SEO strategy would enable Hawkins to be visible on the right terms so those visiting the site were genuine, potential clients and were a captive, relevant audience.

Once SEO tactics had been implemented, we moved straight onto PPC. Our approach to this was two-fold. Firstly we advised display ads to clearly promote Hawkins’ key services: legal, family planning and divorce. Secondly, we created search ads for their services so Hawkins was hyper-visible on SERPs. Legal and law can be very niche and particular when it comes to PPC services. The ad spend had to be completely targeted; the client base is not just anyone needing a lawyer. Our paid ads included copy such as “for high net worth individuals” too so that we could refine the conversions and ensure that all the traffic we were generating to the site through a mixture of PR, PPC and SEO was wholly relevant.

In the last couple of months, with the implementation of the Google Ads, we have quantifiably seen an increase in enquiries.

Certainly, finding the PR opportunities is something that we would struggle with ourselves, and it has been good to have these available to us too. We feel supported by the Evergreen team and they are enthusiastic.
Joanna Hawkins, Managing Partner at Hawkins Family Law


The results for Hawkins have been significant in every way. For PPC specifically, Hawkins has outperformed; leading to a whopping 1824% increase in conversions. More notably for the client though, the cost per click (CPC) is incredibly below the industry average.

The average CPC for the legal industry is £5.15, whereas we are spending just 3% of that industry average at £0.16 CPC. This is a huge ROI for Hawkins; and one the client had noticed. We’re looking forward to making more headway and delivering results for this leading law firm!



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