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Hawkins Family Law

Supporting a local business with its ambitious growth plans with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy

Evergreen SME

Hawkins Family Law appointed Evergreen in early 2020. In the months since, we have given this law firm the full SME treatment to boost the firm’s online visibility and ultimately increase its leads and client numbers.

The Problem

Every SME thrives with local visibility. Particularly for a professional service, customers are seeking businesses that are local, trustworthy and that most importantly; come up in search. Hawkins Family Law needed more clients, but in an industry that is sensitive and niche, this strategy and activity needed to be carefully executed.

Whilst the obvious route to the unknowingly would be to catapult Hawkins Family Law to the centre stage for all things divorce in the UK, we needed this to have a solid local strategy as its customers essentially were regionally accessible to the office.

The Solution

We delivered our full Evergreen SME treatment with an encompassing range of digital marketing services that would increase leads and enquiries. On an SEO front, we performed a range of tech enhancements that would see the firm optimised for its key divorce services.

We ran a range of niche, high-brow PR campaigns and pitches to see links land in quality, relevant, and where possible, local, publications. Our content capitalised on potential clients’ search trends, and our PPC budget was moved and ad copy re-freshed so we can make sure we could test different pages for optimum lead conversion.

In the last couple of months, with the implementation of the Google Ads, we have quantifiably seen an increase in enquiries.

Certainly, finding the PR opportunities is something that we would struggle with ourselves, and it has been good to have these available to us too. We feel supported by the Evergreen team and they are enthusiastic.
Joanna Hawkins, Managing Partner at Hawkins Family Law

The Outcome

Working with a 20-year-old established firm like Hawkins Family Law for a few years now has enabled us to bring this business to the top of its game with 120% increase in visibility year on year, and a 225% increase in organic traffic year on year!

Our content and PR efforts contributed to 16,000+ new website visitors and 1,200+ new enquiries from people visiting the website organically, and our PPC campaigns have delivered more divorce-related traffic and our testing has given us a better insight into what actually works and converts.



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