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The Live in Care Company

Making sure PPC results are more than just stats and deliver quality conversions for a
health-related service provider


The Live in Care Company provide specialist live-in care for elderly people all around the country. The Live in Care Company sought an improved number of enquiries, leads and conversions to their site since beginning their PPC journey earlier this year.

The Problem

The beginning of the year saw conversions increase and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost Per Click (CPC) come down for The Live In Care Company. Amazing! Fantastic! This is just what we want to hear. BUT; we here at Evergreen don’t just speak to clients when we think things aren’t going well and through regular contact with The Live In Care Company we realised that although it seemed positive, leads were getting lower in quality and so the actual conversion rate on the business side was less. We needed to find the right balance between high quality conversions and amount of conversions.

The Solution

First we identified what had changed in the last few months. We had made a few changes that were intended to lower our CPA which was successful but as mentioned above, this saw lead quality lower. We reversed a few of these changes and kept some of them. We kept in regular contact with the client, having weekly calls and going over changes and lead quality. We reviewed the keywords, made sure to pay attention to the search term report to make sure we were keeping all the traffic relevant. We looked at the keywords that were converting well before the lower quality leads and if any different keywords were converting afterwards.

Since we started working with The Evergreen Agency we have made significant strides on both our paid and unpaid search. This has been instrumental in achieving our growth aims and I look forward the next stage and what we can achieve together.
Luca Rado, Director, The Live in Care Company

The Outcome

Although initially we did see conversions come down and CPA go up we saw lead quality get higher again to what it was pre-changes. Then with careful monitoring and regular management of keywords, ad copy and the search term report we started seeing conversions increase and CPA come down but with leads maintaining their quality. This meant that we were able to increase budget and start building conversions even further. Now we have conversions that are 172% higher than they were 4 months ago. A CPA that has reduced by 49% with lead quality remaining high. The results are great but one of the key factors was the regular communication that allowed us and The Live In Care Company to gain a greater understanding of the business and meant we didn’t rest on our laurels just because of results that initially seemed great.

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