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Trilogy Stores

A fresh new look with a 28% increase in non-brand ROAS [Paid Media]

Fashion & Retail

Trilogy is a fashion retailer that specialises in women’s designer denim and clothing. We started working with them in 2022 with ambitious targets to grow the brand’s name and scale their online visibility to become the go-to destination for designer denim.

The Problem

Founded in 2006, Trilogy had already built its reputation in London as a women’s premium denim and clothing expert, with five successful stores throughout London.

However, due to the competitive nature of the fashion industry, it was clear that the business needed to grow its online presence to facilitate increased traffic and sales. More specifically, on the paid media side, the business needed to improve its return on investment (ROI), specifically when it came to non-branded terms to capture a wider audience.

The Solution

After reviewing the account setup and uncovering several large and complicated campaigns, our Paid Media team quickly identified that a completely new approach would be needed to achieve the business goals in a way that spent money in a more efficient and effective way.

We restructured the entire account using a data-first approach, considering historical performance and predicted terms to ensure that we were making decisions that we were confident would benefit the account. We made the decision to remove the majority of the previously running Performance Max campaigns and utilised standard shopping campaigns to gain more control over the account, and the products within each campaign.

We analysed thousands of search terms and looked at individual product performance to identify the top performing brands and products within each category, and most importantly, identify the user intent and interest.

With this data in hand, we were able to create a clear campaign structure for brand and non-branded terms, focusing on specific brands and product categories that Trilogy stocks.

The Outcome

We gained more control and visibility, and could easily make any necessary adjustments to the campaigns to further push products that had a high ROAS, and rein in any products with a low ROAS, all while maintaining search volume and relevance.

“We feel like we’ve got an integrated digital marketing team. To me they’re the perfect size of an agency for a business like ours because they are small enough to be hungry and energetic and passionate, but they’re big enough to have the expertise. I feel like they are part of Trilogy.”

James Leslie, Co-Founder & Owner, Trilogy Stores

Since overhauling Trilogy’s paid media strategy and implementing a more granular structure to the non-brand shopping campaigns, we have seen a steady and consistent increase in performance.

In the first five months of 2023, Trilogy saw a 29% increase in non-brand ROAS compared to the previous year. Conversions also increased by 16% and we saw a 33% decrease in cost-per-conversion compared to the previous year.

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Increase In Non-brand ROAS YoY
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