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Trilogy Stores

A fresh new look with a 67% increase in paid revenue

Fashion & Retail

Trilogy is a fashion retailer that specialises in women’s designer denim and clothing. We started working with them in 2022 with ambitious targets to grow the brand’s name and scale their online visibility to become the go-to destination for designer denim.

The Problem

Founded in 2006, Trilogy had already built its reputation in London as a women’s premium denim and clothing expert, with five successful stores throughout London.

Throughout 2023, the client was faced with a variety of challenges such as increased competition, the cost of living crisis, and our nemesis, unpredictable weather. We could see that all of these factors were majorly influencing consumers’ buying habits and contributing to how they were spending.

We were tasked with the goal of increasing ROI from their paid media budget during the winter, which is a key season of trading for them.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis, we quickly adopted a “Keep It Simple, Stupid” approach to the revamp of Trilogy’s account structure.

By going back to basics and analysing extensive data, we pinpointed product categories that consistently performed well, those that performed well based on seasonality, and ones that didn’t have consistent performance regardless of seasonality.

Through streamlining and consolidation, we devised a shiny, new account structure that allowed for their budget to be distributed evenly across high-performing products, and those with best margins. We always like to make every penny count!

This brand-new structure followed a strategic funnel approach to maximise visibility and control. We focused on product categories at the top, before dividing these up until the end of the funnel, which focused on individual Trilogy products.

Now, this wouldn’t be an effective campaign without continuous optimisation to maintain momentum. From keyword research to audience testing, we did all we could to ensure this campaign continued to generate the results we wanted.

The Outcome

After a challenging year marked by increased competition, the cost of living crisis, and unpredictable British weather (shock), this shiny new account structure allowed Trilogy to take their paid media activity to the next level.

From this campaign, Trilogy’s paid media activity saw a 79% increase in conversions (i.e. transactions) year-on-year and a 95% increase in conversion rate year-on-year.

This resulted in a massive 67% increase in paid revenue year-on-year and a 77% increase in ROAS year-on-year. Not to mention, all whilst on a spend that decreased by 5% year-on-year.

“We feel like we’ve got an integrated digital marketing team. To me they’re the perfect size of an agency for a business like ours because they are small enough to be hungry and energetic and passionate, but they’re big enough to have the expertise. I feel like they are part of Trilogy.”

James Leslie, Co-Founder & Owner, Trilogy Stores

By putting historical data at the forefront of our decisions, focusing ad copy on USPs, and emphasising high-quality transitional products, we’ve been able to help Trilogy stand out from the crowd across Google.

Not only have they achieved these amazing results, but they also have a newfound strategy moving into 2024 that can be adapted to the upcoming seasons whilst maximising visibility, control and campaign success.

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