Digital Marketing Monthly Round Up

Digital Marketing Roundup – December 2016

We’re not sure quite how it’s happened but we’re well and truly into the first seven days of December and, of course, we’re now turning our thoughts to 2017.

Do you have an SEO strategy in mind for the New Year? Or perhaps you could benefit from some help on that front? You know what to do if you fall into the latter camp.

Before we get (ever so slightly) ahead of ourselves, though, we’re looking at what’s been happening over the last month or so in the SEO arena. It’s our monthly ‘In the News’ digital marketing roundup and, as usual, it’s split into three useful sections to help you pick and choose the information you need.

In this piece, you’ll find tips and hints on increasing your visibility online, engaging and exciting your followers, and some technical advice has also been thrown in for good measure. Read on – and enjoy!

Increase Visibility

If it’s tips you’re after, and its blog should be your very first port of call – after The Evergreen Agency blog, of course.

We’ve talked a lot about local SEO lately – in fact, we even created a pretty mammoth guide on the very subject recently – so we had to share with you this piece by’s Tom Capper.

The article: ‘Competing for Local SEO Queries with No Physical Premises’ will appeal to many of our clients – old and new – who solely operate online. Tom says local SEO can be split into three categories, with one being organic results for businesses without a physical local base.

“This often-neglected and little-discussed area plays host to some of the biggest and most lucrative spaces in organic search.” says Tom, as he lifts the lid on some of the ways you can boost visibility of your company if it falls under this category.

Elsewhere on the Moz blog, Alexandra Tachalova posted a piece about the ongoing battle for traffic –organic vs social media traffic at that. Alexandra says that SEO can be effective without well-executed content curation – and we’re sure, like us, you’re wondering exactly how this works. Click the link above to find out more – but believe Alexandra when she says that, “compared to other marketing channels, social media can benefit SEO in unexpected ways.”

Over on Search Engine Land, meanwhile, a piece went live that suggested that SEO should always complement your content marketing. So, good search engine optimisation might not be determined by great content and great content alone, but if you’re doing both it’s important you do them in synergy. It’s the reason why we work closely with our content writers here at The Evergreen Agency, as we’ve seem dramatic benefits to a well-executed content plan when it comes to increased visibility – and isn’t that what it’s all about?

A little earlier in the month, the HubSpot team posted an article in a similar vein to the aforementioned Search Engine Land one. The blog: ‘Topics Over Keywords: A Simple Framework for More Effective Content Creation’ looks at some of the changes in content marketing over the last few years.

In particular, it focuses on the way marketers have gone about developing and fine-tuning their content. “A lot of this has come down to the rapidly evolving search engine landscape, as well as a huge shift in the way that people are discovering content”, the author suggests. Want to know what you can do to boost the visibility of your own brand? Click the link above and be taken to some top tips by Matthew Barby.

Speaking about social media for a minute again, Yoast has prepared a guide to LinkedIn and its popular ‘Pulse’ posting platform. The article looks at how and why LinkedIn is important for your SEO strategy and asks whether it’s okay to publish the same blog post on Pulse as you would on your site. Is duplicate content a problem on the social networking platform? Discover more by heading to the link above.

Taking it right back to basics now – and remaining on the Yoast blog for five minutes or so – this post proved useful. ‘What is SEO?’ discusses Google’s algorithm and how it works to push your business out to more customers – take a look today and see if you can learn a little something about how you can give your company the helping hand it deserves.

Moving onto our ‘Engage & Excite’ section of our usual monthly round up now…

Engage & Excite

Ranking well online is all about great content – says Nick via the SEO Nick site, but of course most of you knew that already. So how exactly do you ensure your site’s kept topped up with engaging copy? Well, we can help you with that here at The Evergreen Agency, thanks to our talented team who’ll ensure your site is organically optimised via cleverly-done SEO.

You can also do a lot worse than check out SEO Nick’s piece on creating content that ranks and converts. Focusing on some handy content strategy tips, Nick looks at the ways in which you can ensure your site is performing well and bringing in the right kind of traffic: potential customers. And if some of your content isn’t engaging and exciting? Read this article – also from the folks at SEO Nick – which looks at how you might deal with disgruntled customers and clients via social media.

Blog Tyrant has put together an article which also looks at how your content can stand out amongst the millions of other pieces which go live every month – and we really enjoyed reading this. Talking about blogging and its benefits, the article is useful for anyone who’s starting out with a new website – or simply anyone who could do with polishing up their existing SEO strategy.

Now, here’s a piece which went live a little after November – so technically we shouldn’t be using it in this roundup. Forgive us?! It is nearly Christmas, after all. We simply had to share the piece, as it looks at why videos might be the best thing you do in terms of content marketing. It’s something we’ve worked hard to get on board with here at The Evergreen Agency and it’s helped our clients, too. We offer short, sharp bursts of info in short, five minute-or-so videos and our customers are grateful for the additional support.

The great thing about videos is they’re so easy to digest; you can watch one while you’re doing the office brew round, or even while you’re getting ready for your day. Head to our homepage to view our latest video and see if you can learn a thing or two about SEO best practice, too.

Do you make the most of mobile when it comes to your digital marketing plan? If not, pop on over to Search Engine Watch and discover some of the latest trends when it comes to that handheld device you simply can’t do without. Gerald Murphy, the author of the Search Engine Watch piece, asks how we can keep up with this fast-paced advice in a bid to stay ahead of the game tomorrow. Head to the link above to find out more – we’re sure the piece will come in handy.

Moving on to the third and final portion of this piece – ‘Let’s Get Technical’. You only need to spend five minutes looking around the net to find a host of sometimes pretty mind-boggling technically-focused pieces. But we aren’t in the business of confusing you here at The Evergreen Agency, so instead we’re bringing you a few you can make use of minus any confusion.

Let’s Get Technical

SEO Book published this pretty useful piece about keyword tool upgrades, which we reckon you could all get some benefit from.

And, if like us, you’re already looking to 2017 and how you might get the ball rolling now when it comes to your digital marketing plan, you’ll want to read this piece via Search Engine Land. The article: ‘Technical SEO checklist: 7 essential tips to implement now for 2017’ offers exactly that: a little more than a handful of hints you can put into practice when it comes to your own business and its goals for the New Year – will you be taking a look?

Meanwhile, over on the SEO Rex site, we stumbled upon this informative guide to anchor text. It asks: ‘what is anchor text?’, before giving you some actionable tips for your own company – click the link above and swot up.

Oh, before we go…

We thought you might like this article via our friends over on the Ahrefs site. It’s a roundup of the best marketing tools out there – they’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

So, there you have it…

We hope you’ll be putting some of these tips into action, but do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at The Evergreen Agency should you require some help in the meantime. We can offer our expertise over the phone, or why not discover how we can benefit your business by popping into our Bicester-based office?

Until next time…