Digital Marketing Monthly Round Up

Digital Marketing Roundup – October 2016

As we move into the last few months of the year, so our workload here at The Evergreen Agency increases. Many of our clients have by now enjoyed their annual summer trip abroad and are thinking about tying up loose ends in terms of marketing their business, as well as thinking about a longer-term plan for the new year ahead.

And because we know you could well have the very same goals in mind as we do, we’re bringing you our usual roundup of SEO-related goings on here on the world wide web.

If you caught up with our latest digital marketing roundup, you’ll know we recently made the decision to make these bumper monthly pieces, rather than the weekly ones you may have been used to. The reason is simple: reading this piece will take up less of your time in the long-run, while still ensuring you can keep on top of what’s happening in terms of search engine optimisation.

These monthly roundups coincide with the launch of the brand new and improved Evergreen Agency website, too, which we’re sure you’ve found really useful and easy to navigate.

One of the biggest updates on our website this week is this: our local SEO guide. We’ve spent hours putting together this piece to help you – some of the many small to medium-sized businesses we have the pleasure of working with – get the most from your website.

With actionable tips for boosting your Google presence, the guide has been written in a straightforward – and completely jargon-free – way to ensure you’re not left scratching your head when it comes to boosting your company’s online traffic. And because what we do here at The Evergreen Agency is largely about increasing your digital visibility, we’ll nicely lead right into our first section of this roundup….

Increase Visibility

If you’ve had a good look around our site, you’ll know that it’s split into three distinct categories – one is this one (Increase Visibility), with Engage & Excite and Let’s Get Technical close behind. In short, it’s how we organise our main service offerings at our Bicester-based agency – and it basically gives you an idea of what you can expect if you choose to work with us. Without further ado, then, today we’re bringing you some ideas from around the Internet this month which will help you boost your online profile and increase your company’s revenue.

So, the biggest development in the SEO world last month has got to be this: Google’s recent – and highly-anticipated – launch of Penguin 4.0.

Now updating in real time, Penguin 4.0 means a real shift in the way companies like ours go about penalty recovery. Click the link above to be taken to Search Engine Land’s run-through to find out exactly what you can expect. Plus, keep your eyes peeled here on the Evergreen Agency site as we’ll be putting a video live which will explain all about Penguin 4.0 and how you can use it to your advantage. You can also discover more about the update – which was over two years in the making! – on the SEO Book site.

Elsewhere on the Search Engine Land site in September was this insightful article on the future of SEO. One of the site’s columnists looks at current trends in Search Engine Optimisation and how they might benefit or hinder your business and its unique goals.

Pratik, the article’s author, says: “A huge part of present-day SEO practices is brand building and influencing search queries themselves, as opposed to starting with a truckload of keywords and creating content around them. Therefore, while links, keywords, content and site optimization remain the building blocks of SEO, the columns on which the edifice is being built are taking on a different appearance.”

Find out exactly what Pratik’s referring to in this ever-changing landscape of SEO. Of course, the objective of businesses and brands like yours has always been the same: to get noticed online – but make sure you take some time to read some of Pratik’s predictions, as the ways and means by which you do so might not be what you’re used to.

Meanwhile, over on, Rand Fishkin posted this Whiteboard Friday post recently – and it certainly piqued our interest here in the office. The video and accompanying article focuses on how you can appear in Google’s Answer Boxes – a sure-fire way to get yourself spotted in the search engine. If you only read one piece from this roundup (alongside the Penguin update article, of course), make it this one.

Have you read our huge guide to local SEO but you still want more? No worries! Our friends over at have recently updated their ‘SEO Tips from Ahrefs’ post, which offers even more handy hints and tips you can put into practice.

There’s well over 200 tips here so you really will be reading this for some time; why not print off the piece and go through it, pen in hand, to see which nuggets of information you’ll be able to make the most of for your own brand or business?

Engage & Excite

So you’ve worked out how to increase your site’s visibility this month and beyond; now it’s all about engaging and exciting your audience. It’s one of the key services we offer here at The Evergreen Agency – tips on how you can do just that, because isn’t it all about keeping you target market happy?

While it was posted live early this month (October), we couldn’t resist sneaking this article – from the folks over at Search Engine Watch – into our September roundup. Looking at ways you can rank higher on social and search results, the article offers advice on ensuring the words you use – and choose – for your site and its blogs really resonate with your reader.

The article’s author, Tereza Litsa, has this to say: “There’s no need to think of Google every time you’re writing a new post, but it’s still useful to understand what makes a piece of content effective, both in social and search results.”

Tereza’s right, you know – and featured within her piece are 15 tips you can follow to ensure you’re really pushing yourself and your site’s content to its limits.

On the flipside, the people at Blog Tyrant take a look at what you can do wrong in terms of your online presence – it really does make for some interesting reading, too.

Let’s Get Technical

Moving onto our ‘Let’s Get Technical’ portion of our roundup, as good SEO requires a certain level of technical ability.

We’ll kick this section off with this piece we spotted on Search Engine Watch at the back end of last month. The article: ‘How Paid Search and Personalisation Can Work Together’ suggests that paid search is, in fact, a great channel when it comes to personalising the content you put out there.

“It’s never been easier to reach people through the myriad marketing channels at our disposal,” says Rebecca Sentence, “…and yet it’s also never been harder to make a real connection with them. Marketers are discovering that personalisation is key to this: it allows them to build an emotional connection with consumers in a way that was never possible before.”

Rebecca reiterates that it’s all about that personal, adaptive and valuable connection – and there are ways you can utilise it via paid search. Of course, this is something we can help you with at The Evergreen Agency, but you can certainly swot up on the subject in the meantime – simply click the link above for more.

If you’re a whizz on social media, you’ll definitely want to read this piece once you’ve finished the last. Also from the team at Search Engine Watch, the article – ‘How to Take Advantage of Facebook Videos’ Creative Opportunities’ – gives you some examples of how you can improve your current social media strategy.

Do you know all about ‘near me’ searches? If not, now’s the time to head over to the Yoast site, where all will be explained in this pretty useful blog post. ‘Is a Possum Near Me?’ gives you some much-needed insight into Near Me searches and how you can make sure your online presence is set up the right way.

If you’re not yet completely up to speed with Google’s Near Me, it basically tells people which businesses are closest to them – ideal if you’re a local company looking to extend your reach. Find out how you can put some relatively quick and easy steps into place and boost your reach almost instantly – just click the link above.

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s really all about making small, simple changes as and when time allows and not allowing yourself to get bogged down by too many amends and alterations at once.

Did you enjoy this digital marketing roundup? As ever, don’t forget to let us know by getting in touch with the team here at The Evergreen Agency. We’re always keen to hear your thoughts and feedback; it helps us tailor our content even more so going forwards.

Have a great month and until next time…