5 AI trends in Paid Media to watch out for in 2024

Last updated: December 20, 2023

Konrad Frankowski

Konrad 'Kon' Frankowski is the Head of Paid Media at The Evergreen Agency specialising in strategic growth, performance marketing and commercial leadership.

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Generative AI is making ripples across the world of paid media and undeniably it’s here to stay. Even more so, it continues to evolve, influencing the world of paid advertising in exciting and innovative ways.

Here are five emerging trends in this space:

Hyper-personalised ad content

Generative AI is swiftly moving towards creating hyper-personalised ad content. By analysing data on individual preferences, behaviours, and engagement history, AI can generate ads that are incredibly tailored to each user and consistently convey your brand values.

This includes not just the ads copy but also visuals and interactive elements, delivering a highly personalised experience that can significantly improve engagement rates.

Automated video and audio production

The use of AI in generating video and audio content for advertising is gaining momentum. AI tools are increasingly capable of supporting the creation of high-quality video and audio ads that are both cost-effective and time-efficient.

This includes everything from scripting and voiceovers to animation and editing. This trend is especially significant as video and audio content continue to dominate digital marketing.

Here’s the caveat, though. I don’t think AI will ever replace human creativity, but I would use it for soundboarding and experimentation. To test the digital waters, if you will. Especially in the agency environment, where ideas come thick and fast.

Real-time ad adaptation and optimisation

AI is enabling ads to be dynamic, changing in real-time based on user interaction and feedback. This means ads always evolve on the basis of which elements are most engaging to viewers, such as changing the call to action, visuals, or even the core messaging of your ads.

This continuous optimisation delivers maximum relevance and effectiveness across the channels and mediums.

The most important caveat, however: the output generated by the AI is only as good as the data it’s fed. With its ability to learn from the heaps of data at its disposal, it’s your job to verify the relevance of the changes it proposes.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) ads

With generative AI, the creation of AR and VR content for advertising is becoming more accessible and sophisticated. AI can generate immersive and interactive 3D environments, enabling brands to create more engaging and experiential ads.

This trend is particularly notable in industries like real estate, automotive, and fashion, where the immersive experience can significantly influence buying decisions.

But retailers like Amazon or Wayfair use them to showcase their lines of products with huge success. From large items, like sofas and beds to the tiniest of trinkets, you can see a product you’re researching in situ.

Contextual and inclusive ad creation

As AI becomes more advanced, there’s a growing focus on ethical and contextual ad creation. AI algorithms are being trained to consider ethical implications and contextual appropriateness of ads, ensuring that they are not only effective but also socially responsible.

This includes avoiding stereotypes, respecting cultural sensitivities, and making sure your ads are placed in appropriate contexts.

These trends highlight the growing role of AI in transforming how ads are created, personalised, and optimised, leading to more effective and engaging paid media campaigns. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect even more innovative applications in the field of advertising and paid media.

But even with the most sophisticated way of delivery and ads creation, your results will be only as good and as relevant as your input. AI is a tool you should use to your advantage and combining it with your commercial insight is a sure way of generating results you need.


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