Meet Victoria, our newest recruit!

By Amber Williams
Last updated: January 17, 2022

The Evergreen team has welcomed plenty of new faces over the past few months and 2022 is shaping up to take things to a new level. We have lots of recruitment planned and the first new addition to the team has already started. 👋

On Monday, we were excited to welcome our brand new content writer Victoria, into our Evergreen office. She will be working under the careful guidance of our Senior Content Strategist Josie, whilst helping to create amazing content for our clients across 2022.

Since it’s now been a week since Victoria started, we thought it would be a great time to carry out a Q&A session, allowing us and all of you, the chance to get to know her a little bit better!

Check out how it went:

So Victoria, tell us a little bit about yourself.

V: Well I’m a writer who recently moved to Oxford from Atlanta, Georgia! I received my degree in Journalism and Writing, but I’ve found a great passion for storytelling through any kind of format like recording, photography, and editing.

Interesting! So outside of writing, are there any hobbies you enjoy taking part in? How do you most like to spend your time?

V: I’m a bit of an artist and musician! I’m not amazing, but I love to play the guitar and ukulele as well as sketch and do watercolour paintings. My guiltiest pleasure is watching reality dating shows, extra points if it’s also a competition. My top shows are First Dates, the Bachelor, and 90-Day-Fiance.

We are definitely going to need to hear those ukulele skills at some point, I feel like the team would love that! Anyway, so what was it that sparked your love of writing?

V: I’ve always loved to read and write. As a child I would write book reviews and turn them into my parents for a dollar. I can only assume this is what led to my unrelenting passion for getting paid to write as an adult.

Well it sounds like we definitely made the right decision choosing you for the content role then! What was it that appealed to you the most about The Evergreen Agency? We obviously loved you from the interviews but what was it that made you choose us?

V: The SEO world has always been something I’ve wanted to be a part of. I had danced around it through freelance writing and some digital marketing work, but this would be my first time truly diving in. I also love how close and connected the team is to each other. I’m so grateful to have found such an awesome workspace, and I’m excited about what comes next!

2022 is set to be one of our best years yet so you’ve definitely arrived at a good time that’s for sure. Is there anything else you are excited about for 2022? Any goals?

V: I’m extremely stoked about my new job with Evergreen! I’m looking forward to seeing what I can achieve this year. Aside from that, my goals are to finish reading the Dune novels, and to learn how to knit/crochet.

Well I’m sure you’ll get on well with the others in the team then. We’ve got plenty of avid readers who will talk your ear off about their recent reading. Finally, this is the most important question, when making a cup of tea, do you put the milk in first or after? (There is only one right answer to this)

V: I put the milk in last with my tea, but first with my coffee. And as I make more coffee than tea, it’s possible I’m more of a milk-in-first type of girl (I am so sorry).

Oh it was all going so well…

Well, there you have it! We’ve gotten to know a little bit more about our newest addition to the Evergreen team. We’ll overlook that final answer for now…

A big Evergreen welcome Victoria! 😀


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