How To Get Your Website On Google (video)

Today I want to share with you how to get your website onto Google as I know this is a common problem.

Business owners look for their website and they don’t appear anywhere. There are some common reasons for this and i’m going to explain what these are and how you can ensure your website is seen in Google as quickly as possible.

So, what are the steps I take to ensure my clients website are appearing in Google as fast as possible?

Firstly, set up your Google Analytics account and your Search Console account. You may know what Analytics is, this is a tool for recording traffic to your website, however I know many people forget about or overlook the Search Console and this is arguably more useful and important when you’re wanting to get your business establishing and seen in Google.

So make sure you set up both Analytics and Google’s Search Console (formally Webmaster Tools).

Next, submit your website to both Google and Bing, you can look up online “submit to Google” etc and you will be presented with a Webmaster Tools link to where you can submit your website and force Google/Bing to crawl your website. It’s really important you do this to speed up indexing in the search engines and this is a very easy way to do it.

What do I do next? Well I utilise the Search Console and get my sitemaps submitted. This is really important and you must make sure your website has .xml sitemaps for your pages, products, services etc and you submit this to Google via the sitemaps area within the Search Console.

While you’re in the Search Console there is another step you must take and that is to do a “fetch and render” which you can find in the left hand sidebar easily enough. This again forces Google to firstly crawl your website and make sure it can understand and access your site but then it provides you with an option to “submit to index”, make sure you click this and again it will force Google to crawl and index your website asap.

Lastly, another little extra addition is use your companies Google+ page, simply writing an update on your page and include a link to your new website. This will once again ensure Google “sees” your website asap, almost instantly.

Right that’s it, that is the process I take when indexing any website I am working on or making significant changes.

These are the steps you too should follow if you want to ensure your website is seen in Google as quickly as possible.

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