Wake Up Your Brand with Motion Graphics

Last updated: May 20, 2024

Darren Martin

Darren Martin is passionate about crafting compelling visual narratives that captivate audiences and deliver results, using his skills in storytelling, content creation, videography, and problem-solving to drive him.

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Let’s be honest – creating video content can be a hurdle for some brands. Maybe you don’t have the resources for live-action filming. Or perhaps the mere thought of being on camera makes your team want to hide under their desks. Whatever the reason, if hiring a full video crew isn’t an option, don’t think your brand has to settle for boring, static visuals. It’s time to meet motion graphics, your secret weapon for eye-catching animations.

At their core, motion graphics bring movement to digital text, graphics, icons and other elements. It’s kind of like animation’s super-focused cousin – instead of cartoony characters, motion graphics make your actual branding elements come alive through creative transitions, effects and sequences.

Now you might think, “Okay, that sounds cool…but why should I care?” Here’s the deal – our brains are hardwired to snap to attention anytime something is moving. Studies show motion graphics result in a whopping 60% more engagement compared to static images and text. Not too shabby for integrating some simple movement and visual effects, right?

But the benefits don’t stop there. With motion graphics, you have full creative control to reinforce your brand identity. Every little detail – the colours, fonts, graphics, transitions – can be customised to align with your look and feel. It’s your brand’s personality brought to life.

You also gain the flexibility to get as innovative and abstract as you’d like since you aren’t confined to filming the physical world. Need to visualise how your app works in a snazzy way? Or explain a complex process through animations? With motion graphics, you can make it happen without constraints.

best of all, once you invest in creating these animated brand assets up front, you have an extremely versatile toolset. Need to update a screen or swap an image? No problem! You can seamlessly make tweaks and produce new iterations for future campaigns quickly and easily.

The Expertise to Make It Happen

Of course, there’s an art to making motion graphics that are engaging and effective. It takes skills and experience to nail the balance of visual creativity while intentionally reinforcing your brand identity. You’ll need some professional-level expertise brought in.

That’s where we come in. At The Evergreen Agency, our talented team of designers and animators can take your branding assets and transform them into living motion graphics that command attention. We’ll work with you to deeply understand your company’s unique personality and goals. From there, our crew will concept and storyboard ideas that resonate, crafting frame-by-frame animations that make your visuals pop off the screen.

Whether you need a short, snappy video loop to drive website engagement or a comprehensive explainer piece for a new product or service offering, we’ve got you covered. Our motion graphic solutions strike the perfect balance of creative wow factor and strategic intentionality – all developed with scalability and flexibility in mind.

Don’t let the inability to invest in live video production limit your visual marketing’s potential. If your brand could use an extra dose of animated magic, drop us a line! We’ll help you wake up your visuals with motion graphics that put your unforgettable branding elements front and centre in an engaging, dynamic way.


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