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Where can I learn SEO for free?

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Right here. We have a FREE SEO course on this website that will take you through a full overview and then look at on-page SEO, content marketing, SEO tools, promotion…

Does Google Analytics improve SEO?


Not directly, no. Google Analytics does, however, help you to understand what’s happing on your site, and where the traffic comes from, goes to, and which content drives the most…

Is PPC better than SEO?


In some respects, yes. PPC will drive traffic right away and you can almost guarantee clicks to your website. But once you stop paying, you’ll lose those clicks. There’s also…

How does SEO work with PPC?

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SEO helps you create content and websites that are search-friendly and more likely to rank. Google Ads also looks for pages and websites that are a good match for the…

What is evergreen content and how important is it?


Evergreen content includes blogs, articles, or pages on a website that are indexed and ranked highly in Google and will be relevant for years to come. Evergreen content is ‘ever…

What are the benefits of evergreen content?


Evergreen content will gain traffic for years to come with little or no outreach or amplification once the content is indexed and linked to by other sites. Good evergreen content…

How do you create evergreen content?


Good research into a topic that is likely to be relevant in years to come is where you should start. A topic that is unlikely to change like historical data…

What is Pillar content?

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Pillar content is a large piece of content on one topic that is broken down into key areas and linked to other pages on the site. Having a good piece…

What is the difference between meta descriptions and keywords?

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Meta descriptions are the summary informational paragraphs that tell the searchers what a web page is about. Keywords are the words likely to be searched to find the content. Good…

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