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How does page word count affect page rating?


Think less about the number of words, and more about the quality of them. Good content that offers high value and in-depth content will often outrank pages with more content…

How do you indicate to Search Engine’s which content is most recent?


A really simple way is to include the date on publishing on your page. Most CMS websites will allow you to show this and the date will list on the…

Is it a good idea to split up content if it is too big for one page?


If you’re creating content around one topic then keep going! Longform, in-depth content is what Google is looking to share. That said, if you’re creating a big post on varying…

How is it best to give credit for content that appears on another site?


If you’re referencing content you’ve read elsewhere on the internet then it’s best practice to link to it. Google sees this as a good signal that you’ve researched the content…

What is autoblogging?


An autoblog is a method of scraping content from the internet and publishing a selection of it in one place. Using RSS feeds, autoblogging can create ‘newsletter’ style posts that…

How does Google know if a site is trustworthy?

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Google uses many factors to determine trust, but some of the big signals are links from other trusted sites, returning traffic and time on site (found in Google Analytics), bookmarks…

How do I change the google sitelinks?

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You can’t change the sitelinks yourself as these are generated by search engines themselves. You can help them to choose the right pages with a good sitemap, good on-page SEO…

What should I blog about?

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You can blog about what you like and what you know about. But if you’re serious about SEO then create authority content that your ideal audience is searching for.  Take…

How do I cater my content to social media trends?

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Social media can give you some great ideas for trending content. A good place to start is by searching social media sites and then taking keywords and phrases and carrying…

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