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Do images help with SEO?

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Images certainly help with the user experience on your site and the use of well-named image alt tags is a good on-page SEO technique. Using images with good titles and…

How does SEO work with PPC?

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SEO helps you create content and websites that are search-friendly and more likely to rank. Google Ads also looks for pages and websites that are a good match for the…

Which SEO plugin for WordPress?

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One of the best SEO plugins for WordPress is Yoast SEO. Yoast is a great starter for SEO with fields for meta titles and tags, opengraph data for social media,…

What is the difference between meta descriptions and keywords?

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Meta descriptions are the summary informational paragraphs that tell the searchers what a web page is about. Keywords are the words likely to be searched to find the content. Good…

Is Content Still King?

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Yes. Good authority content is and always will be the centre of SEO because that’s what users are looking for. When you aim to create the best content you can based…

How Does SEO Work in Digital Marketing?

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SEO should be a cornerstone for all your digital marketing. If you’re creating content like video, blogs, and social media, then it should all tie into your SEO strategy. Keyword…

What is keyword Stemming?

Keyword stemming is the intelligent way Google’s algorithm uses keywords and relevant spellings and versions of those keywords to show you results. If you search for ‘football boots’ you’re likely…

Will the rise of voice search change the way keyword research is done?

Voice is already affecting search, as the way we search with voice is different from the way we type. Understanding the trends and keyword phrases will become more and more…

How many words are in the average search query?

There’s plenty of evidence that points towards the average number of keywords in a search being two to three keywords. WordStream list searches with 2 words as 23.98% and three…

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