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How do I know what results page number my site appears on?

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There are many SEO tools out there that can track and report on your search results. One easy place for you to look is Google Search Console. In the performance…

How do I decide which SEO tools I will get most value from?


It really depends on what you need from your tools. There are loads of great SEO tools out there from Majestic SEO to Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Moz and more. Some…

Do we need to cater for Google RankBrain?

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Yes. If you’re serious about your SEO then you’ll need to create great content and websites that RankBrain will like. RankBrain works fast and in the background, testing all types…

Is SEO affected by frequency of update?

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Good SEO will usually go hand-in-hand with up-to-date, relevant, quality, and frequent content. Publishing more of the good stuff is encouraged, but that’s not to say simply adding more and…

Should I try and beat my competitors, or focus on something unique?


If you feel you can beat them with better content and a better website, then why not? Bear in mind this can be time-consuming and doesn’t always return your investment…

How do you decide what content needs the most aggressive marketing?

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Checking stats like trends and volume of searches can give you a give idea of which terms and topics to go after. By using Google’s Keyword Planner and the ‘Related…

Will putting a blog on my site increase ranking of other pages?

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Blogging and article creation is proven and successful content marketing strategy. Adding rich and in-depth content to your blog can help you rank for keywords or long-tail keywords as they…

How do I optimally name an image?


Images are often forgotten in terms of SEO. Make sure you’ve named the image in the title tag to describe what it is and then add an ALT (alternative) tag…

What content works best for link building?

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Authoritative content is the way forward here. You must ‘deserve’ to rank so creating great content that sets you apart from the rest is the best strategy. Before you create…

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