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What are the risks of doing my own SEO without an expert?

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A lot of SEO can be done by a beginner. With the right SEO training you can create great content and keep your site optimised for Google. When it comes…

How do I decide what external websites to endorse?

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The first thing to consider here is whether you trust them, and whether your endorsement will help you and your brand. The second area to consider is the relevance and…

What SEO tactics can backfire?

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We like work on the basis that if it sounds like poor practice, it usually is. SEO should be about creating great sites with great content. If you’re trying to…

What are SEO Attacks?


SEO attacks are malicious attempts by unscrupulous SEOs or website owners to unsettle your rank and trust in Google. This usually comes in the form of sending spammy or dodgy…

What is trust flow?

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Trust flow is the measure of trust in the sites that link to you. If you tend to have more authority sites linking to you then your trust flow score…

What is citation flow?


Citation flow is a measure of the number of links that flow to a page. Link building will help you to gain more links and increase this citation flow. Citation…

Where can I get relevant infographics?


Google! Great infographics will be indexed and available on Google images…. But – don’t steal them. Instead, head to the website where they’re hosted and copy the embed code (which…

Are landing pages good for SEO?


Yes and no. Traditional landing pages are generally aimed at getting the user to perform just one action (making a booking, downloading a document, etc) and so for this reason…

What content works best for link building?

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Authoritative content is the way forward here. You must ‘deserve’ to rank so creating great content that sets you apart from the rest is the best strategy. Before you create…

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