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Will Accelerated Mobile Pages help mobile loading speed?

Absolutely. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are a totally streamlined version of your site which won’t use large, load-heavy code and design. They’re designed and built purely to improve the loading…

How do I know if my site is slow because of the server?


Run your website through the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and you’ll get a report listing everything that needs improvement to speed up your website. The tool will show you your…

How do I know which plugins are slowing my site down?


If you’re experiencing slow WordPress plugins then the P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) is a good place to start. Built by GoDaddy, the plugin will scan your WordPress site and give…

How do I check broken outbound links on my website?


There are plenty of SEO tools that offer a broken link checker. We like Majestic SEO but there are tools like Screaming Frog, Moz, and even a broken link checker…

How often should I audit my website’s performance?


It’s a good idea to make this a habit and then check on your website when and if you make any large changes to the site. Google Search Console is…

What needs to be done on a website audit?


The first stop is Google Search Console and Google Analytics to help you spot any obvious problems with speed, navigation, or errors. Then go over your site after performing some…

What ratio of internal to external links is normal on a page?

There isn’t an ideal ratio. What is ideal is the authority and relevance of the links you gain and that you internally link to your main, important pages. Linking should…

How does page word count affect page rating?


Think less about the number of words, and more about the quality of them. Good content that offers high value and in-depth content will often outrank pages with more content…

How do I know if my sitemap is correct?


Google Search Console will attempt to crawl your sitemap when you submit it. You’ll need to have a good idea on the number of pages you think Google should be…

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