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What is the difference between a social media and a bookmarking site?

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A social media site is based around connection and interaction. On sites like Facebook, you’ll see people sharing their news and opinions. Bookmarking sites tend to be more focused around…

What is Blogger outreach?


Outreach can be really good for your SEO. Contacting bloggers (usually via email) is a practice of either content amplification (to ask them to link to your content) or to…

What is Adsense?


Google Adsense is part of Google Ads, the paid platform from Google. Adsense gives you the chance to earn money from the traffic on your site by giving Google a…

What is a superfan?

A superfan is a follower or fan of a brand who is more dedicated than the majority of fans. They’ll queue overnight, and sometimes longer for tickets or new products.…

Is it worth listing my business on Bing even though it’s less popular?

Bing still gets a good amount of traffic and although Google rules searches, you have less competition on Bing and more opportunity to rank. Bing Places is a well-respected listing…

How do you decide whether certain content is better as a blog or vlog?


Generally speaking, you should try to create both types of content. Some visitors will prefer video, and some will prefer to read. When we created our SEO for beginners series,…

How can Press Releases help SEO?


Press releases can help SEO. A link from a high authority news article, especially if it’s an industry authority in your niche, is a powerful backlink. Good PR can also…

How does Google know if a site is trustworthy?

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Google uses many factors to determine trust, but some of the big signals are links from other trusted sites, returning traffic and time on site (found in Google Analytics), bookmarks…

What are the risks of doing my own SEO without an expert?

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A lot of SEO can be done by a beginner. With the right SEO training you can create great content and keep your site optimised for Google. When it comes…

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