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How do I pick a domain name that will help SEO?


Domain names aren’t considered a ranking factor and don’t really help your SEO. Although there’s still a small indication that it helps some sites to rank, it shouldn’t be a…

How can I help the right people find my site?

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Keyword research is key here. Understanding what your ideal visitor is looking for will be the cornerstone of your SEO and content marketing. Spend time doing some good keyword research…

Will putting a blog on my site increase ranking of other pages?

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Blogging and article creation is proven and successful content marketing strategy. Adding rich and in-depth content to your blog can help you rank for keywords or long-tail keywords as they…

Will guest blogging on a competitor’s blog enhance my own ranking?

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Blogging on any site should be approached with a content marketing focus. Guest blogging should aim to add value to your ideal audience. Getting a link to your site from…

Does a newsletter affect SEO?

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Email marketing is a good strategy for driving traffic to your website, so yes it does affect your SEO, but indirectly. It will help to send new and returning traffic…

My business is mobile. How can I rank outside my local business address?


Google have updated Google My Business to give you the option of telling them which areas you serve. You no longer need a physical address in the town you’re servicing,…

How much information should I give Google on My Business?


As much as possible. Google Maps gives you a great opportunity to add content like address, opening times, images, and even products and services to the Maps and Google index.…

How can I share my business’s location with google maps?


Google Maps is part of Google My Business, Google’s suite of business SEO tools. To get your business ‘on the map’ create a Google My Business profile and fill out…

Is content marketing the same as advertising?

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Content marketing is usually in the form of articles, podcasts, videos, blogs, social media, and emails. These focus on the consumer’s needs and build trust and authority over time, and…

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