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What is a soft 404 error?


A soft 404 error relates to a signal sent to a user that a page does not exist but that also send a 200-level success code. This is confusing as…

What is Google Sandbox?


Google Sandbox is a method that Google allegedly uses to stop new websites ranking ‘overnight’ without trust and authority. Chances are, if you launch a new website today, it won’t…

Is it a good idea to do search engine submission to all the search engines?


Yes. Although Google is the big player in search engines it’s still a good idea to index your site on Bing and Yahoo. It takes a few minutes to do…

What is pogo-sticking, and how do you identify and prevent it?

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‘Pogo-sticking’ describes a searcher going from one result to another to find what they’re looking for. To prevent this from happening to your site, make sure that your on-page SEO…

Will having too many interstitials affect my ranking?


Yes. Too many mobile pop-ups and boxes that block the user from viewing the content is deemed very bad for user experience by Google. In August 2016, Google shared on…

How do you get out of Google’s Sandbox Index?

The best way is to make sure that you’ve set up your site for SEO and indexed it in Google Console as soon as you can. Creating signals like traffic,…

Can you track backlinks which have been removed?

The simplest way is to use an SEO tool to monitor your backlink profile. Most tools will tell you (by way of alerts or reports) which links have been removed…

Why shouldn’t I use the manufacturer’s product descriptions in my online shop?

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Using descriptions supplied by the manufacturer on your website is common but not recommended because it duplicates content from elsewhere on the web. Other sellers supplied by that manufacturer will…

What is mouse trapping?


Mouse trapping is an SEO technique used to bait and redirect users using misspelt words or terms to direct them to a fake site. That site then delivers a series…

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