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Do I need an SSL encryption certificate?

Ideally, yes. It’s a level of security that can offer more trust and confidence to your visitors which is key for eCommerce sites in particular. Google haven’t said that this…

What can you do about spam referral traffic?

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There are a few things you should do about spam referral traffic. The first one is to set a filter in your Google Analytics to ignore the traffic in your…

What are SEO Attacks?


SEO attacks are malicious attempts by unscrupulous SEOs or website owners to unsettle your rank and trust in Google. This usually comes in the form of sending spammy or dodgy…

How do I stop falling victim to an SEO attack?


SEO attacks will almost always come from outside your site and therefore there’s little you can do to stop them. The biggest threat is spam or dodgy paid links sent…

How can I disavow existing unwanted backlinks?

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The simplest way is to download a copy of the links to your site from Google’s Search Console. Then remove the links you want to keep, leaving just the ones…

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