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Does SMO (Social Media Optimisation) need its separate strategy?


SMO is a different strategy from SEO and therefore needs a different approach and focus. Driving traffic from social media and creating noise, awareness, and authority on social media requires…

Do you need to use RSS for an effective SEO strategy?

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RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is invaluable to your SEO, as search engine spiders can crawl them easily and also spot changes (new content) in them. As…

Do I need to be selective about who I outreach to?

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Outreach is usually to gain backlinks via content amplification so in that respect, yes you need to be very selective. Aim for links from relevant and quality sites and not…

Is it worth optimising my site now if Google will just change its criteria?

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SEO is all about staying on top of the game. It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to stay the same. Google are constantly updating their systems…

Do you need to actively link build for all content?


Ideally, if you’re creating great content, then a link building and outreach campaign would be the ideal situation. If you’re creating lots of everyday content that you feel isn’t really…

How do I choose a website to guest blog for?

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The main aim of guest blogging is to appear on a website that you feel you could offer something more to. So select sites that would have the right audience…

When should I accept offers from bloggers to guest blog on my website?


Guest blogging should be approached with a little caution. It’s not against Google’s best practice but most of the time guest bloggers get it wrong. Guest bloggers are usually just…

Should you ask permission before linking to an external site?

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You don’t need to ask permission but it might well be in your interest to let website owners know when you’re linking to them. They’re more likely to share your…

Should I remove old content that isn’t popular anymore?


If you have content that is no longer relevant, then you could look to re-direct it to content that is still current. You could update the content to make it…

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