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How does SEO work with PPC?

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SEO helps you create content and websites that are search-friendly and more likely to rank. Google Ads also looks for pages and websites that are a good match for the…

Which SEO plugin for WordPress?

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One of the best SEO plugins for WordPress is Yoast SEO. Yoast is a great starter for SEO with fields for meta titles and tags, opengraph data for social media,…

What’s the relationship between SEO and social media?


Social media is simply conversations held online. SEO is the practice of optimising your content for search. Social media signals can help your SEO efforts as they can show search…

What is evergreen content and how important is it?


Evergreen content includes blogs, articles, or pages on a website that are indexed and ranked highly in Google and will be relevant for years to come. Evergreen content is ‘ever…

What are the benefits of evergreen content?


Evergreen content will gain traffic for years to come with little or no outreach or amplification once the content is indexed and linked to by other sites. Good evergreen content…

How do you create evergreen content?


Good research into a topic that is likely to be relevant in years to come is where you should start. A topic that is unlikely to change like historical data…

What is Pillar content?

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Pillar content is a large piece of content on one topic that is broken down into key areas and linked to other pages on the site. Having a good piece…

How do I track where website visitors come from?

Google Analytics (GA) will show you this information. Head over to your GA account and use the ‘Acquisition’ tab and then select ‘All Traffic > All Channels’ for a good…

How does local SEO help?

Local SEO is very important to mobile search and user intent. Mobile searches will nearly always show a list of local searches to the user, while search intent is often…

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