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Should I put every page of paginated content in the xml sitemap?


No, don’t put every page of paginated content in the xml sitemap. This makes Googlebots’ job harder and decreases your chance of ranking. The best way to approach paginated content…

How do you stop a search engine from finding a page?


The best way to hide a page is to no-index it via your site map or hide it from search engines in your SEO tool. WordPress plugins like Yoast give…

How do I change the google sitelinks?

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You can’t change the sitelinks yourself as these are generated by search engines themselves. You can help them to choose the right pages with a good sitemap, good on-page SEO…

How can I see what pages are indexed in Google?


There are a few ways you could do this. From the front of Google you can search  ‘site:yourwebsitedomain.com’ and Google will show you the number of pages indexed. From Google…

How is a domain rating measured?


Domain Rating is a measure of your site’s backlink profile by SEO tool Ahrefs. The tool measure the backlinks based on the number of links from one site, the domain…

How do I know what results page number my site appears on?

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There are many SEO tools out there that can track and report on your search results. One easy place for you to look is Google Search Console. In the performance…

What is a google analytics session and what information can I get from it?


A Google Analytics ‘session’ is the time frame given to a specific user on your website in a given time frame. The default time in Google Analytics is 30 minutes…

What is a domain rating?


Domain Rating is a metric measure by SEO tool Ahrefs. The rating is a number from 1-100 that gives a website a rank based on its backlink profile. It’s an…

What are Majestic’s fresh and historic indexes?


Majestic is a great SEO tool that we love. Their Fresh and Historic indexes list a vast catalogue of backlinks and show how the internet is linked together. The Historic…

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