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Do images help with SEO?

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Images certainly help with the user experience on your site and the use of well-named image alt tags is a good on-page SEO technique. Using images with good titles and…

What is Content Amplification?

Content Amplification is the promotion of authority content that you’ve researched, created, and published on your site. Reaching out to other websites that you feel you could add value to…

What’s a good average position in Google Search Console?

This is really down to where you see your site ranking and whether that’s a good position for you. Ideally, anywhere between 1-7 is a good place as you’ll likely…

What does impressions mean on Google?

Impressions are the number of times your website or website pages were shown in the search results. In Google Search Console you can find your search impressions. Impressions, although they…

What’s the difference between Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics?


Google Tag Manager will add one line of code to your website and then allow you to add lots of other tracking codes like Google Analytics, Google Ads tracking, and…

Where can I learn SEO for free?

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Right here. We have a FREE SEO course on this website that will take you through a full overview and then look at on-page SEO, content marketing, SEO tools, promotion…

What is SEO and How Does it Work?

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a marketing activity aimed at getting a website to be trusted and ranked in the search engines, so it gets listed and found when someone…

What is search engine submission?


Search Engine Submission is the simple SEO technique of supplying the search engines with your sitemap so that they can index you. Although search engines like Google will still index…

What information can you check by looking at a Link Profile Graph?

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A link profile graph will show you the amount (and the quality of) links to your site. What it will show you first is the quality of the majority of…

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