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What are Canonical tags?

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Canonical tags help search engines understand whether or not a URL is the master page or a copy of it. This helps to stop search engines like Google from indexing…

How should my robots.txt file look?


A robots.txt file is a list of simple commands to Google search, so as such it looks fairly plain. It’s a txt document with lines of text with code and…

How do you generate an XML sitemap?


This will largely depend on your website. Most WordPress websites running SEO tools like Yoast are pretty easy to use and you’ll find the option to create your sitemap in…

How do I edit my robots.txt file?


Firstly, find your robots.txt file from your website. Most SEO tools give you the option to either edit or ‘block’ certain pages from your txt file. Plugins like Yoast SEO…

What is Google Analytics Tag Manager?


Google Tag Manager (GMT) is a tool released by Google in 2012 to help website owners add and manage the tracking tags on their website. With Google Analytics, Google Ads…

What is google analytics property tracking id?


Google’s Tracking ID is the tracking code used by Google Analytics to track the traffic on your site. To use Google Analytics you’ll need to install this code on your…

How can I disavow existing unwanted backlinks?

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The simplest way is to download a copy of the links to your site from Google’s Search Console. Then remove the links you want to keep, leaving just the ones…

How many times do I need to mention my keywords in the content?

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There’s no real rule here and (as with much of SEO) this is down to research, as Google rarely share what they’re looking for to rank your site. Our advice…

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