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Keyword research

How many keywords should each page target?
Targeting keywords is a great idea but thinking about it too much can lead to clunky content, and that’s not what Google wants to serve to searchers. Think about some…
How do you find the right keywords?
Research! Before you do any SEO at all, do your keyword research! So many website owners try to rank for the wrong terms or highly competitive ones where they stand…
How do I make my site more visible for long-tail keywords?
Great, you’re working on long-tail keywords. Firstly, do your keyword research and find great ideas and long-tail searches that you could appear for. Then, create quality, helpful, in-depth content to…
How can I find out what keywords a website is ranking for?
One of the best places to look for data like this is within the Google Search Console. Google will give you a wealth of ideas and ranking data in here.…

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