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Bonus Lesson

Leveraging Pre-publish Promotion

In this bonus lesson we share insights into a clever way you can gain near-instant visibility and competitor advantage by leveraging something called pre-publish promotion.
It’s not half as complicated as it sounds, trust us.
Have a watch and see how your thinking will change when you next come to write a blog post, guide or resource for your website

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Video Transcription

Hello, and welcome to this bonus lesson, where I’m going to teach you about leveraging pre-publish promotion.

Now, you may be wondering what that is exactly. It’s something that I’ve actually been doing in the last couple of days for one of my agency clients, so I thought it would make a fantastic live example, to show you another way to go about promoting your own business.

Now, the client I’m going to use as the live example is John Tsagaris. Now, we’ve previously used this client within the main course two or three times. He’s an acupuncture expert, does Chinese medicine, a real authority within this industry with a worldwide reputation. We have very recently, in the last few days, published this authority piece of content.

It’s on cosmetic acupuncture explained, is what it’s called. We’ve got an index here, which takes you down through the article. It’s a very, very detailed, highly informative piece of content. It is, if you haven’t already guessed, it forms part of his authority content marketing. That is the content and I’m going to explain now what pre-published promotion is and how we go about doing it, and why it’s so effective as a means of promotion.

Now, in order to benefit from this type of promotion, you need to have your authority content marketing in place, so that refers back to module three. You’re going to need to have some form of authority content marketing. Then you’re going to need to use some of the principles and techniques that you’ve learnt in module four, in as far as the promotion. In this bonus lesson, I’m just going to put a slightly different spin on things for you, to give you another way to go about promoting your business and specifically your content.

What exactly is pre-published promotion? Well, quite simply, it is the process of promoting your content prior to it going live. Now, why would you do something like that? Well, in essence what I like to know, what I’ve been doing for years is is finding the authorities or the influencers within your niche or your industry, which is something again going back to the promotion, something you know now how to do. It’s finding those same people and those website owners, those bloggers, those people who run those online resources within your space and around your content’s topic, and giving them a heads up about your content.

It’s emailing them and telling them that shortly you’re going to be publishing on topic “X” and then using one of many different strategies, so for example, you can ask for their opinion. You can say, “Hey, I will send you this piece of content, it’s going live in a few days or in a week, or whenever, and I would love to get your thoughts on this piece of content. I would love to get your opinions maybe via a testimonial,” or I’d love to get their ideas, their input on your content’s topic, your ideas, whatever information you’re putting out there, get them to buy into your content and to engage with it.

Essentially, whatever you ask them for, whether it’s a testimonial or whether it’s just to review something, or give their thoughts, or provide a quote, or anything along those lines, you’re just playing up to their ego, and it works so, so well, because everyone love to be told, “Hey, you’re great. I respect you. I would love to get your opinion. I value your input.” If you’re reaching out to people, to bloggers and website owners, and you’re saying, “Hey, so and so, I know you’re a real authority on topic ‘x'” or “I’ve been reading your stuff for years,” or “I know of you,” or “I’ve been recommended to you,” whatever the case may be, then you’re saying, “I would love to get your thoughts on this. I would love to have you give me your idea, or your testimonial, or your opinions on this.”

It gets them to buy in. You’re playing to your ego and people absolutely love it. Also there’s that sense of if you’re giving someone a heads up to your content prior to it going live, they’re kind of getting that exclusivity to it. They’re getting a sense of privilege that they’re getting to see your authority content before it’s even gone out there, before it’s been publicly released.

Often, if you do this and you don’t need to do this in mass, it’s about finding the 10, 15, 20, you don’t need a huge number here, finding those people that are of most interest to the influencers within your industry, finding those people much like we did back in module four and then just like I say, giving them that heads up and asking for their opinion. It works so, so well. Using this example, this is now live. This piece of content is now live, but I wanted to show you the exact process that I’ve just done for this agency client. You come onto Google and much the same way we did when researching for the influencers, you can simply put in what your content’s topic is about, so you can look that up and you’re looking for the authority website that has written something that is ranking really, really well. Here you’ve got question slightly daily amount, that would be a real coup if we could contact their website and give them a heads up.

You’ve got other website like the Huffington Post, Instyle, various other website that are ranking. You would review their content and then you could make that initial contact and say, “I know back in early 2016 you wrote a piece on facial acupuncture. Well, we’re just about to launch a fantastic in depth detail guide on cosmetic acupuncture written by …” and then you could include an extract from your about section or write something that really highlights your expertise, your experience, and your knowledge, to really highlight why someone should listen to you. Offer to to give them an inside, let them have a sneak peek at this content prior to it going live. It is an editorial site, you could ask for their take, or their opinion on it, or their testimonial, whatever it is.

Like I said, you can use Google, but you can also use Google News as well. This is a real untapped area within Google and it’s something that I want to mention. You can use this for this process and any of the other promotion as well. Coming into Google and looking, you will find that there’s a lot of U.S. sites that seem to rank better than U.K. sites when it comes to Google News, but that’s not always the case. It will be niche dependent, it will change, but you can just have a look through and see if there are any related articles that are U.K. based that are ranking well, where again, you could reach out, give them a heads up, and ask them for their opinions and their thoughts.

You could also combine certain keywords, so I’m just going to show you here. There are again, some advanced search parameters. You can use key words and then guest post by, so you could do something like, “acupuncture, guest post by.” Now, you’ll notice I’ve gone a little bit broader than the specific content. You could go very specific to what your topic’s content is about, but if you don’t find anything then you could broaden it slightly out. You’re just looking for those websites where you could contact them and offer them the ability to see and review your content, prior to it going live.

There are other terms we’ve got here. Again, keyword, “written by.” You could have, “contributed by.” You can use many of the same keywords that we used when researching the influences back in module four. If you’ve already done that work, what I’ll then have, is I’ll have a list of all the people. I know the influencers within this client’s industry, so I just then take a different angle. Instead of contacting them to do a guest blog, or request a link, or request some sort of assistance with brand amplification, to ask how we could collaborate, or add value to their website, or if they want to work together, this is just a slightly different angle. Again, it’s about offering value, highlighting you USP, why someone should listen to you, and then playing to their ego, massaging their ego. It’s a hugely valuable way of finding fantastic websites, and getting great opportunities, and getting people to engage with your content prior to it going live.

There are many benefits to doing this process and why it works so well. It’s been proven and I’ve done this time and time again. If you get different people to engage, these influencers to engage with your content prior to it going live, they are so much more in tune when it comes to you actually publishing it. What I would do, is I would contact these website owners and it’s something I’ve just done. All the different, whole bunch of influencers, probably 10, I contacted. I asked for their opinions, their thoughts, their testimonials, things like that, got them to buy into it, and some people will get back and say, “Well, I won’t, but let me know when it goes live,” because they’re keen to see the live article, the complete, the finished piece. What you can do, whether these people get back and give you a review or testimonial, or if they just get back and say, “I haven’t got the time, but thanks so much for contacting me,” even if you get, which often I’ll get something along those lines. That is absolutely fine, because they’ve got back to you, they’ve engaged with you.

Every single one of those people that get back to you, they can follow up, and sometimes I have even been known to do even those who haven’t got back to me. Once you publish your article, you send them the link to your life piece and you say, “Thanks very much for contributing,” or providing your testimonial, or review, or giving your thoughts, or their opinions, whatever it is. Now, we’ve just published this article. I’d love it if you could share it with your audience, or give it a few shares on social media, or include it in your next round-up, or your next best of guide, or in your next related post to this topic.

If they’ve already engaged with you prior to it going live, and especially if they’ve included any testimonial of their own, or given their thoughts, or written some words for you; the chances of them being willing to promote that on your behalf dramatically increases. Like I said, you would even do this even if somebody doesn’t get back to you, you could forward on that same email and say, “Hey, not to worry. Maybe you didn’t have the time to get back to me, no problem. It’s not gone live, I would still love to get your thoughts on it.” You’re still encouraging them to get back to you, but now you’ve got it live.

Leveraging pre-publish promotion is a staple, advanced technique of mine in my agency. It’s a great way to leverage that promotion before you’ve even got the post live. A lot of people don’t even think of doing anything like that, but if you’re taking all the time to write, and research, and create something fantastic, I want to be as sure as I possibly can that when I do hit that live button, that publish button, that I’m going to get some initial engagement. Just by doing that, giving people a heads up about it, and getting people to engage with it prior to it going live, it’s one of the best ways in the many years I’ve been doing it that I’ve found to get that initial traction and that instant awareness, and links coming back, and other people sharing as well as yourself, because you’ll publish something and you’ll put it out on social media, and you’ll get it indexed in Google via Google+ and all those things we’ve already covered. An additional strand to that bow is to let other people, the handful of influencers you’ve already identified, let them know about it, so they can help you on that journey.

I just wanted to sign off this bonus lesson with one last thought, and that is when it comes to finding these website owners, and when you start to look up different search strands, and you look up different websites, I found this one for an example, I did a Google search for acupuncture blogs. I just looked up “acupuncture blogs.” I actually found 30 best acupuncture blogs, so this lists a whole bunch of fantastic blogs. I would look through these and I should say, I did look through these, cherry-picked the handful that I thought were most relevant that had really good metrics and engagement, and then I contacted them, offered them a heads up, a few of them got back and said, “Sure, I’d love to check it out,” or “Let me know when it goes live,” that sort of thing, so really, really positive.

When considering a website and looking at are they are influencer, are they not? Are they going to be worth while? The crucial thing, the number one thing to be mindful of is look at their content and how related it is, and look at the number of comments and shares that that content is getting. If their content is not getting any interaction, no comments, then often that will kind of show and it will highlight that maybe that website hasn’t got that much engagement, in which case it may not be worth your time and effort to actually go about contacting that influencer. You don’t want to be offering a heads up and the pre-publish promotion to everyone. You don’t just want to this on mass, because otherwise it loses that sense of exclusivity. You only want to be offering this to a handful of people.

You get that across in your email, “I’m contacting you, because I respect you. I know you are the authority in this space.” Looking at their website and checking that their sites do have lots of great content and they are gaining traction, they have got a good user base and a lot of interaction, of engagement means that it’s worth taking that time to give them a heads up, because you know if they come back to you and they say, “Yeah, I can give you a testimonial. I’ll give you my opinions or my thoughts, or a little quote,” if you then publish the piece and they then talk about it and they share it, you know you stand a very good chance of instantly overnight, often within hours, getting that instant injection of referral traffic, social shares, and a handsome link starting to come in. It’s one of my advanced agency strategies, leveraging pre-publish promotion. I hope that gives you some ideas and that you use it going forward.

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