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Bonus Lesson

Triple Your Website Traffic in 30 Days

In this training video we’re going to show you one way to dramatically increase the traffic and awareness of your website / blog.
Forums! They often have a bad reputation among many, while others love them.
Either way, they are a great way to push your business out there and greatly increase it’s visibility among your target customer. Watch to learn more!

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Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to this bonus lesson on how to triple your website traffic in 30 days and yes, that is entirely possibly.

I’m going to show you one of my advanced ways that I have previously done this and how you can to. It works especially well for small businesses who are looking to establish themselves online. Seeing as you’ve hopefully worked your way through the whole of the SEO success course, if you have done all of those lessons and you’ve got everything in place that we’ve discussed, then what I’m about to show you will absolutely work for you, if you deploy it correctly.

So, how do you triple your traffic in 30 days? Well, one word, forums. Now, forums are one of those things, they scare a lot of people and needlessly so. I don’t know why forums seem to have this reputation that they’re a little bit spammy or that they’re complicated or that … They just kind of frighten a lot of people off and it really shouldn’t be the case. As forum our just online communities for people who share a like-minded interest.

There are forums for pretty much every industry imaginable. Every time I look up forums for a specific niche or industry, I’m almost always guaranteed to find one very quickly and occasionally you have to broaden it out a little bit, but like I say, nine times out of ten you’re going to find one or more forums for your industry. We can leverage to power of the forums to greatly increase your traffic in a very short amount of time.

So, how do we go about doing this? Well, like with anything, we use Google initially and we’re going to use Google to find these forums. So, there are various search strings that you can use. I’m going to show you them now. You can just do it as simple as forum plus and then your keyword, so that could be your industry, that could be … If you’re focusing very heavily on a specific type of authority content around a given topic, something I’m going to come onto shortly, then you could put in that topic. You can also look up things like this, board, so just include the word board plus the keyword. You can also lose the plus icon, you can latest discussion plus keyword. You can do post new topic plus keyword and lastly, discussion plus keyword.

I’m going to just go back to the first one, forum plus keyword. Now, if I take that out … Like I say, it works across any industry, so I’m just going to say we’re in the fitness industry. So, you can literally just put in the word fitness and here we are. We’re going to see loads of different forums. I’m just going to show you it works across … If we did hairdressing, you’re going to find Hairdressing World chat forums, Salon Geek, just so, so many. If we looked up yoga, yoga forums, forum, forum, what have you got, forums. There’s just loads. If we looked up, I don’t know, pest control. Forums, forums, forums, there’s just forums for absolutely anything.

Have a look and find yourself a forum. Once you’ve found these forums, ’cause that’s the easy bit, finding the forums is the easy bit. There are certain housekeeping, shall we say, that you have to do and you have to go through to ensure you can create traffic because what you can’t do with a forum is join a forum and then just start promoting your business and putting links to your website in an attempt to drive traffic. If it’s a good quality forum and that’s obviously what we’re looking for, it’s going to be moderated and you’re going to get blocked. The community with which you’re trying to join and trying to make yourself a part of, they aren’t going to like it. No one like the new kid on the block coming in and just shouting from the treetops about their latest products or services or promotions, it just doesn’t work.

What you’ve got to do is join these communities and once you’ve joined, set yourself up with a profile. Make sure you add a profile picture so there’s a human behind, there’s a face and an actual picture behind your profile. Write up your little description, your author box and include all the information that forum asks you for. Once you’ve done that and you’ve got your profile set up and complete, get it verified within the forum and sometimes they can take a day or so, sometimes a couple days, a few days, it depends on how well moderated the forum is.

Once you’ve got all that setup, you need to engage with the community and this does take a little bit of time, but it’s not going to take hours and hours and hours. What you need to do and this is why it’s really important to find forums that are related to your niche and your … Where you know, you can add some real value and you can showcase some of your expertise and your experience, your knowledge. Then, once you’re into this forum, you need to start commenting and providing value in some forum thread, adding some replies. So, review the topics which people are discussing.

Look for the topics with the most engagement, so those that have been updated very recently, within the last 12 hours, within the last 24 hours, within the last couple of days. Those are the forums that you want to target and you want to focus on. Then, provide some value, add some comments. Where? Where you can. You’re not always going to be able to add value on every different topic covered, of course, but hone in on those where you think, I could provide some expertise and some value. Start writing some comments and writing some replies. Make these of real value. Don’t just make them one liners where you just agreeing with the sentiments made on the previous comment, but actually make sure that each comment that you add and each reply that you add on to that thread, there’s some real value in there. So, someone a year from now could come onto that forum and see your comment. I think there’s some real value in that.

Do that 10 to 20 times, over the course of the first couple of weeks of being in that forum. That only requires you to log into that forum maybe a couple of times a week and go through and update three or four comments or make three or four replies, do that. You want to have between 10 and 20 good quality replies and comments in one or multiple threads during the first two weeks of being a member of that forum. You do that first and foremost. You don’t do anything else. Do that, because that embeds you as part of that community. People will start seeing you and people will probably start engaging with you and replying back to your comments saying thanks very much and asking you further questions. So, you just keep that engagement going, but up until that point, the first two weeks or so, you have asked for anything, you haven’t tried to promote anything and as such, the moderators would have seen you and think right, these are genuine guys, they’re not spammers because forums do inherently attract a lot of spam activity because they can send such high volumes of traffic.

So, you do that and then after a couple of weeks and you don’t do this before, but in your end of the second week or early third week, then start a new thread, but don’t include any links. So it might be a new topic and you can relate this to some of your authority content or potentially even some of your localised content, it’s a local forum, which local forums will work just as well at this. You can locally, you can do forum plus niche plus location, especially if you’re in a big city. You will find forums as well that are more localised forums.

So, create a new thread where you can start a story, you can start a thread and you can provide some value and some information and answer some questions and provide real value. So, start the new thread, but again, don’t include any links back to your website or don’t start promoting yourself. Start that thread, get some engagement. So, that’s your own thread, that’s the first thread that you’ve started. Get some engagement on that and once that starts to snowball, starts to build up a little bit of momentum, then you can start a second thread and whilst doing this, you’re going to continue to interact and add value to other threads.

So, you’re only spending … You might log in and spend 15 minutes here and then half an hour there, it’s not a huge time intensive task, but we’re all working towards establishing ourself within this forum where then you can and I’ve seen it time and time again, you can double, triple or even do more with your traffic. It’s an unbelievably quick, free way to really engage and drive, not only traffic, but massive brand awareness. It’s unbelievable and it’s so, so, so powerful for small business.

Once you’ve built that first thread and you’re starting to think about the second thread and you’ve got 10, maybe 20 replies and comments going, then, at this stage and this is normally about three weeks in. So, it’s going to be three to four weeks after creating that account, only then can you start to drip feed some of your own stuff in. You’re not going to go overboard with this, but there are a few ways you can do it.

You can add a link in, nine times out of 10, you can add a link to your own website in your signature of your profile, where you’ve got your profile picture and your profile name. You can have a little box there which will showcase a link and you can link back to either your homepage or what I always recommend doing, is to the specific post, the authority content that you’re trying to promote or that you … Ideally that is most relevant to that thread’s topic.

So, if you’ve got a huge piece of authority content, then you would include that URL, that link, within in your signature of your forum’s profile, where you’ve got your profile. That is one way you can add a link. You can also include your authority content, but you’re not going to include … Like I said, this works amazingly. If you’ve written your authority content and you’ve got great content on your website and you want to spread the word about it and you want to get engagement, using forums is just an absolutely amazing way.

so, if we were on, say, a fitness forum, you would join and … This one is American, but it may still work. There’s all sorts of ones here. You would just find your forums and once you’ve got that, you can take elements of your authority content and then you can take snippets of it. So, you might take just the top third of the article. You might take just a few snippets throughout your main authority content from your website. Take that, publish it on the forum and then include a link above this content, so the original source of this content can be found here or to read the full article, click here and that’s where you can include it in. It’s okay to include that contextual link if it’s related to the threads topic and you’re already adding value.

If you just try and drive traffic away, promote your own business and promote your content, first and foremost, people aren’t going to be interested in that and it’s just not going to look right and sit right and you’re not going to get the right sort of engagement from that forum. If you focus it and you showcase, you can pick a percentage of your content, put it on the forum and once you’ve got that there, include that link back. That’s another way that you can get that link.

I have seen this exact process being done time and time again. I’ve done it, I’ve advised my clients to do it. It works across any industry and it’s a great way to build that initial engagement, get some numbers on your website, get into the hundreds and the thousands of visitors to your website every single month and crucially, it drives that brand awareness. Off the back of this process, which is very easy to do, collectively your not going to spend more than two or three hours doing this. You’re just going to spread that time, even an hour a week. If you spread that out over twice a week, two half hour slots per week, on evenings or whenever, in the mornings, you go on and you can do this process.

join … I would only pick two or three forums, even just one to start yourself off, but often you end up with two or three forums where you build up your reputation. Use the same profile picture and people wills tart to recognise you, they’ll start to recognise your brand and off the back of that, you will actually start to gain natural editorial links within other forum thread and on other websites where people have seen your content. It happens all the time, people read forums and then they go and reference that forum post or they talk about something they’ve seen on that forum on their own website or their own blog.

So, there’s huge benefit and it’s a great way to drive massive amounts of traffic very, very quickly. It’s arguable one of the quickest ways to increase you traffic and I’ve seen small businesses go from 10, 20 visits a day up to a 100 or 150, 200 visits per day, thanks just to this exact process. So, I hope that all makes sense. It’s a great way to drive traffic in the early days if you’re wanting to just get more numbers onto your website. So, I really hope that helps. Best of luck with it.

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