Penalty Removal

Google penalties come in many shapes and sizes, and the results can be disastrous for your business if you’re not careful.

In recent years, Google has released a variety of penalties to penalise manipulative online practices and many unsuspecting business owners have been caught in the cross-fire.

If your website traffic and enquiries have suddenly dropped overnight, it’s quite possible that you have been hit with some sort of penalty. These penalties may not even have been applied recently. Google has been bringing out various penalty updates over the years and we often get enquiries from businesses who have been struggling online for years. When we begin investigation, we normally find that they have had a penalty applied in 2011 or 2012 and have been shackled ever since.

If you suspect (or know) your website has been hit with a Google penalty, then wait no longer. At The Evergreen Agency, we have dedicated a huge amount of time to the research and analysis of penalty recovery, working hand in hand with one of the world’s leading penalty recover experts Marie Haynes so we know how to help your business recover.

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