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The Evergreen Academy teaches you the practical skills you need to improve
your website and grow your business online yourself.

30+ video training lessons taught in a jargon-free way that is easy to understand
and simple to implement.

The Evergreen Academy training has been tried and tested by dozens of small
business owners, marketers, students and business startups across Oxfordshire
and the Thames Valley. This is what they have to say:

“The Evergreen Academy is a fantastic
resource for small businesses
kick start their SEO and promote
themselves online.”

“What can I say about
The Evergreen Academy….

It’s been absolutely invaluable to
my small business.”

Start learning today with free instant access to module one, which teaches you:

SEO overview

Website housekeeping

Keyword research

What on-page optimisation is (subscribers only)

How to improve your website (step-by-step) (subscribers only)

How to check the technical bits and pieces are all working well (subscribers only)


PLUS… 5 Additional modules, 25+ lessons when you join our Academy


Start learning how to improve your business online …

SEO Overview




Understanding Keywords


Our training makes you more successful at what you do!

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