SEO Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Counting down to midnight to welcome in 2017 felt like 10 minutes ago, not 10 months ago. Okay, so I’m exaggerating – but where has the year gone?!

If you’re just getting to grips with the SEO trends and developments of the past 12 months, you may not be quite ready to take on what 2018 has to throw at you. So, I’m giving you a heads-up to ensure you have some idea what to expect. Here’s what’s likely to be hot from January onwards…

Voice Search is the Word on Every Marketer’s Lips

Voice search has been bubbling away for some time now, but it’s set to have an even bigger impact in 2018. According to Search Engine Watch, it presents a big opportunity for changing the way we communicate and process information.

Did you know, for example, that already, one in every five searches come from voice queries? It’s a reminder for business owners to swot up on this key digital development – as it’s quite likely going to change the market, as well as how people find you online. Begin focusing on long-tail search keywords, and ensure a conversational tone when writing content for your intended audience.

Backlink Building is the Foundation to Success

If you understand even the very basics of SEO, you’ll know that quality backlinking is vital. Adding value to consumers’ experiences online, linking to trustworthy, reputable sources lets Google know that you’re to be trusted, too. If it isn’t already an important part of your marketing strategy, it should be – and in 2018 it’s likely to be even more prevalent.

‘Intelligent’ SEO is the Way Forward – Say 96% of Marketers


So, there’s nothing new about Artificial Intelligence (AI), but what is relatively new is the way it’s influencing how we operate online.

According to a SearchDex survey of 100 marketers, virtually all marketers (96%) believe AI can enhance SEO. Why? Well, it might be able to afford them the option and capabilities to sort out any issues and anomalies in their existing strategy. Want to know more about how to do SEO with AI as a focus? Spot Studio has written a great piece you can take a look at.

Content is King

Quality articles have always been important in Google’s eyes, so if you’re not yet creating articles prospective customers want to read, why not? I always tell my clients that in order to rank online, you need to deserve to rank. What are you doing that others aren’t? How can you show that you’re an authority in your field? Don’t simply add content for content’s sake to your site. Instead, put some time into creating articles and blogs that will make people sit up and take notice. A firm brand presence is vital if you want to succeed online.

Picture This! Images and Videos Are Set to be Huge in 2018

It’s got to be said that we’re becoming ‘digitally lazy’. We’ve started replacing the traditional Google search – in which you actually type your query into the search bar and hit ‘Enter’ – with voice search, so what’s next?! Are we hoping Google will read our minds and know exactly what we want to learn and when we want to learn it? Not quite, but we do rely on visuals – because, after all, lots of stuff commands our attention these days, and our attention spans just aren’t what they used to be. We want our content fast – and an image-led post makes taking in that info so easy! More and more of us are expected to respond to pictures and videos in search results in 2018, so if you’re a business owner wanting to get ahead, maybe it’s time to think about how you feed your content to the consumer.

Mobiles Will Come First

It was last year that Google announced that it would be switching to a ‘mobile-first index’. What that means to anyone with a website, then, is the search engine will consider the mobile version of your site the ‘real’ version. It stands to reason really, when you consider that 60% of Google searches come from a mobile device. Yep, that many! So, ask yourself this: is your site responsive? If not, make sure it soon will be – Google waits for no man! (or woman!).

Have I missed any SEO trends for 2018? What do you think will be hot when the New Year rolls round?