Small Business Website Mistakes (video)

Today I want to share with you some of the most common small business website mistakes that I keep on seeing busines owners make.

So whether you’re a small business, an independent company, maybe you’re a business start up or if you work for a small company then keep watching as I’m going to share with you some of the most common small business website mistakes.

First up is keyword stuffing, this is when you have a particular keyword you want to optimise your website around and you cram that keyword onto your website as many times as possible in the hope Google will better rank your website.

In reality quite the opposite will happen and you need to ensure your website isn’t over-optimised for a specific keyword string.

Keyword stuffing is very bad for the user experience and Google doesn’t like it so it’s something to be avoided.

Next we have spammy footer links, this is where you have a links section on your website and you cram dozens or even hundreds of keywords and links into a given space on your page that is across every page on your website.

Third, we have over-optimised anchor text. This is where you have internal links on your website and you manipulate it so that a majority of these all use a specific key term over and over again.

The anchor text is the clickable link on your web page and you should ensure any internal or external links should read naturally.

Moving on, we have keyword variant pages, now this is where you’re targeting a specific keyword or key phrase and you create a duplicate page of content. This is frowned upon as it provides a bad user experience.

Google is intelligent and it understands the meaning of user intent so focus on creating one fantastic resource rather than trying to create pages that will appeal to every keyword variant.

Next we have pages with few words, this is where we fall into thin content. The way I look at it is every page on your website should deserve to rank. If you have an about page, you need to make it fantastic and have loads of useful information about you, your history, your company, your services.

It is far better to create fewer pages with more information, better quality content and full of lots of great content.

So those are five of the most common small business mistakes I keep on seeing people make so now you know them, be mindful of them and dont fall into the traps many business owners do.

Your website is your gateway to the Internet so make it great, focus on the users and forget about Google. The more you focus on quality over quantity and creating a great experience for the end user, the more Google will love you for it.

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Take care and i’ll see you soon.