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Never mind Ronnie Pickering (who is he, actually?!) or the great Facebook hoax of 2015, there’s been much more to talk about this week – at least in the land of Search Engine Optimisation, anyway. That’s right; it’s that time again….here comes our weekly ‘In the News’ roundup.

So grab a cup of tea, hit ‘X’ on that daft YouTube video and get ready to swot up on the latest developments in SEO. Read on…

It’s true that every very good digital marketer knows that when it comes to ensuring SEO is working as hard as possible for a brand, it really all comes down to great content. Lacklustre, poorly-chosen words mean fewer article views, while well-written prose will always result in more traffic to your website. With that in mind, Content Marketing Institute’s latest piece should more than pique your interest.

Written by Joe Pulizzi, the article: ‘What Effective B2B Content Marketing Looks Like’ reveals the findings of brand new research completed by the site. The annual survey aimed to discover what exactly do marketers believe to be a successful marketing strategy. One of the most important stats? Over half of the business-to-business participants revealed it was unclear within the company what a successful programme actually looked like.

The upshot, of course, was effectiveness increased when people knew what they were doing as a result of fully understanding their firm’s objectives. Make sure you head over to the article to find out more; at the very least it’ll help you fine-tune your own strategy in order to further boost your company’s success.

Meanwhile, Search Engine Watch – a site fast becoming one of our go-to resources for all things SEO – brings you three reasons to stop bidding on 90% of your keywords. Phew, that’s a lot of keywords! Amongst the tips is this one: make the most of a monitoring tool for top converting and brand keywords. Don’t forget to bookmark the article if you don’t have time to read it now; it really is an eye-opener for anyone interested in bringing more people to their site.

If you’re completely new to SEO, though – and we imagine many of you who’ve stumbled on our site here at The Evergreen Agency are – you can do far worse than take a look at this. It’s Word Stream’s take on SEO-focused tips for bloggers. But more than that; it’s for bloggers that aren’t ‘search nerds’ – ideal if you find search engine optimisation goes a bit over your head. A handful of quick, convenient tips, the piece proves once again that great content takes precedence when it comes to moving your site higher up Google.

While we’re on the subject of Google, Higher Visibility has this week told all about the search engine’s new customer match feature via AdWords. Anticipation is thought to be high with regard to the new development, which will allow advertisers using the popular platform to upload and target audiences built from email lists. It’s great news for anyone looking to tailor their content to a higher number of customers, making it easier for them to do so. Of course, according to the piece, companies are getting excited about the future of the already in-demand tool.

Moz blog never lets us down in terms of informative blog posts – and they’ve hit the nail on the head once again with this one. If any of what we’ve talked about already in this round-up has interested you, you’ll probably be itching to improve your site’s content – et voila, as this piece explains all about creating ‘million dollar content’!

But we’re not talking hastily-written content that’s been churned out with only SEO in mind, but good, well-thought-out pieces that’ll keep people coming back to your site. As isn’t that what it’s all about?

Until next time…

Psst! We couldn’t sign off this post without mentioning this pretty cool guide to some of the best SEO tools out there. It lists 131 tools, complete with reviews and ratings and it’s been written by our good friend and SEO expert Brian Dean. Brian says that if you want to see the most convenient SEO tools in one place, you’ll love this guide. You can even filter through the list to find the best tools for you – result!