In the News This Week

How’s the last week been for you? One of the highlights of the past seven days for us has got to be April Fools’ Day.

We spotted all manner of fun pranks around the Internet, including one from Pizza Express. They only went and sent an email out suggesting that – as a result of some recent market research that revealed people prefer eating with their hands – they were declaring April ‘no cutlery month’ in the company’s restaurants. Cue lots of concerned emails from those customers who prefer lasagne over pizza.

A little closer to home, The Evergreen Agency’s copywriter Lauren tricked some of her pals with a cake she’d ‘made’ from an old car sponge (sponge cake – geddit?). Carefully adding icing and sprinkles, her pals’ faces were a picture when they cut into the dirty, stained old sponge. No elevenses for them!

So what do these kind of light-hearted pranks do for big brands? Well, short of ensuring people are talking about them – for the morning of April 1, at least – they go a long way to boosting a company’s image in general. People love a laugh and a joke, after all.

One brand that got into the spirit of things was our friends over at Moz Blog, posting this barkingly good prank about ‘UpDog’, a new canine-related marketing tool. Funnily enough, most people went along with it (look at the comments at the bottom of the post), before the blog’s author owned up in a ‘big reveal’.

It just shows, though; gain trust in your followers online and they’ll have no reason not to believe in the content and ideas you’re pushing out, too. Don’t forget to take a look at Moz Blog’s April Fool’s blog, it might just get you through today.

A day earlier on the Moz site, the team posted a piece called: ‘Here’s How to Supercharge Your Competitive Research Using a URL Profiler and Fusion Tables.’ The blog, written by Moz’s Craig Bradshaw, went live on March 31, so we can all put our trust in the advice it’s dishing out.

Craig discusses the sheer volume of data digital marketers have to collect, process and analyse. He talks about how the process can be overwhelming, particularly when looking into what competitors are doing from a link building prospective.

So, what do you do? Craig offers some really useful tips for any companies out there looking to make the way they do things that bit slicker – and it starts with a URL profiler. Click the link above and discover more; it could just be the most useful piece of content you read all week. And that’s no joke!

Moving over to Search Engine Land now…

There’s a great piece on how companies can achieve top app store search ratings. Of course, this may only be beneficial to you (or your clients) if you have an app you’re hoping to promote, but nonetheless it’s an interesting article that’s well worth a read. Did you know, for example, that 67% of users found the latest app they downloaded using an app store search? You didn’t?! Time to click the link above and swot up.

Published earlier today (Monday, April 4), we thought we’d sign off this week’s In The News post with this, via Search Engine Watch. ‘How Does Google Determine My Local Ranking’ helps businesses like yours move higher up the search engine via some really useful insight.

The piece confirms that Google has updated its Google My Business help page. On it, you’ll find details about how you can improve your local rankings, as well as handy guidance on ensuring your business information is accurate and up-to-date. Don’t say we never let you in on anything here at The Evergreen Agency!

Until next time….