In the News This Week

While our American cousins are celebrating today across the pond (it’s 4th July, by the way!) we’re having a mini celebration of our own here in The Evergreen Agency office.

Our business turned three at the back end of last week and we’ve dragged the festivities well into this week too – why ever not, eh? – with cake and tea all round. We’ve also given our Amina a promotion and welcomed a brand new addition to the office: a snazzy new water machine! That’s right; it’s all happening here in our Bicester-based premises.

It’s business as usual though, you understand, as we plough on through our weekly deadlines. And to help you with yours, we’re bringing you the biggest news in SEO from the past seven days. Read on…

Long running SEO programme? The team at Search Engine Land have put together a pretty handy piece on how to go about maintaining some focus when it comes to content. Helping you to think up new ideas and put them into action, the piece should give you some much-needed food for thought if inspiration’s lacking.

Also on the Search Engine Land site is this piece about a new Google development. Basically, the search engine is now sharing richer earthquake-related information at the top of search engines for earthquake-related queries. Who knew eh?

The development has been introduced in a bid to “give people who feel a tremor quick and authoritative information about what they just felt.” It might not be a feature we’re likely to need here in the UK but it sounds pretty useful all the same.

Meanwhile over on Search Engine Watch is an informative article focusing on which kind of links are most valuable for high rankings. Written by Graham Charlton, the piece asks ‘what does link-building look like right now?’, and ‘what tactics work?’, before answering some of those very questions – make sure you click the link above for more.

While this next post didn’t go live in the last week, we thought it’d be a useful one to share regardless. Why? It’s a guide to creating an SEO-friendly blog post – and seeing as a lot of our clients regularly blog, we knew it’d be a good source of info. Oh and on that front, if you need any help creating great content, get in touch with The Evergreen Agency team today. Blogging is something we do daily, so we’d be more than happy to come up with a dedicated content plan for you.

On the subject of blogging, we thought you might also like to read this post. Again, it went live a little while ago now (okay, some months ago) but it offers some great hints and tips you can definitely make use of.

Going live a little more recently (just a few days ago, actually), this piece by the folks over at Search Engine Journal is definitely worth bookmarking if you’re short of time. It looks at SEO and user experience and why the two go hand in hand. Make sure you make 10 minutes in your week to sit down, notebook and pen in hand, and read this.

Finally, we’re sharing with you a couple of interesting blogs via our friends at This one – ‘The Best On-page SEO Tool in the Business Now Has Unlimited Access Via MozBar’ – aims to make your life that little bit easier this week and beyond. Saving you loads of time, the site’s new addition is definitely worth shouting about – and the team have been screaming it from the rooftops.

Another blog worth a mention is this content masterplan, also available to view on the Moz site – let us know what you think and if you’ve took into account any of its tips and advice. In the meantime, get in touch with us if we can help tick a few things of your ever-growing to-do list this week; we’re more than happy to see how we can lend a hand.

Until next time…