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Positive changes and developments are great, here at The Evergreen Agency – notice anything different? – we embrace change, hence why we put our heart and souls into our digital marketing expertise and services.

If you did not get the first – not entirely subtle – hint, Evergreen SEO is no more, and we would like to formally introduce ourselves as The Evergreen Agency, we are all very excited in the office.

Fear not, SEO, PPC and amazing content is still at our core, and we will continue to embrace these services wholeheartedly despite our exciting rebrand. Why not take a peek at what we can offer your business on our services page?

With the expansion of our team in the last few weeks, The Evergreen Agency is now working across the digital marketing spectrum, offering specialist services in SEO, social media, web development, remarketing, content strategising and PPC for clients worldwide. Want to progress your business online? If so, please contact us here, we would be more than happy to discuss any queries that you may have about the services we can offer you.

If you are truly baffled when it comes to the digital marketing of your business, you will certainly want to engage with this weekly round-up, where we have taken a look at some of the most interesting and recent changes in the world of online marketing.

Many would agree that boosting your online visibility can be daunting at the best of times, especially if you are a new business. One of the rules we go by here at The Evergreen Agency is that content is key, proving utterly essential for a successful marketing strategy.

If you are worried about content optimisation, worry no more, as thankfully, the online marketing experts at Moz have put together a very helpful guide to optimising your WordPress blog posts, ensuring you help your business shine online from the get go.

Once optimised, you are certainly going to want some wonderful engagement – and some nice ROI wouldn’t go a miss – on that stellar content. Over at the Content Marketing Institute, Michael Brenner, explains how to encourage such engagement on your posts, presenting an array of content marketing secrets to aid you in gaining a big return on your investment.

But, how can you ensure that all this effort in perfecting your content doesn’t go to waste? Jim Yu, discusses the entire optimisation process with Search Engine Land, in his piece titled Content and SEO: Optimization from creation to conversion, detailing seven key steps that must be followed in order to reap rewards when tackling your digital marketing.

After publishing, comes promotion, and often many find themselves perplexed by social media, getting lost in regards to their progress amidst the increasing follows and likes. Guest speaking for Convince and Convert, Graham Gullans, details The Single Most Important Social Media Marketing Metric, stating that we must ignore these ‘vanity metrics’ and remain focused on the conversion process, optimising at each stage of your sales funnel.

With the optimisation of content still in mind, we certainly cannot forget the importance of keywords. Thankfully, the wonder kid, Rand Fishkin, of Moz has just launched the Keyword Explorer, Moz’s New Keyword Research Tool, it has been a very exciting week in the world of SEO indeed.

This new SEO tool takes you through the entire keyword research process, enabling you to quickly discover the keywords that you should be focusing on for your business or brand, with metrics that will “indicate a keyword that’s more or less critical to your campaign/project,” says Rand. You can even import a pre-existing keyword list to see how it fairs, pretty handy eh?

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