In the News This Week

Well, what have we here…a New Year?! It seems like only…er…a fortnight or so ago that we were bringing you our final SEO news round-up blog of 2015, and now we’re here with the very first one for 2016.

We’ll start by wishing you all the very best for January and beyond; we hope this is your best year yet – in business and in general. January has kicked off well for us at The Evergreen Agency, with lots of exciting projects in the pipeline.

So let’s take a look at what’s been happening over the last week or so; it could well help you shape your content for the next seven days, or ensure you make some positive steps to boosting your business even further. Read on…

If you’re beginning to dabble in paid search, you can do a lot worse than bookmarking Search Engine Watch’s piece on simple solutions to employ now that January has rolled around. The article’s author, Diane Pease, says that – thanks to paid search – the New Year is a great time to reflect on the things you’re doing to improve your campaigns. Head over to Search Engine Watch – and make sure you check out some of the pieces in the ‘Related Articles’ section; there’s a wealth of SEO knowledge just waiting to be tapped into.

Speaking of knowledge, here’s a fun way to ease yourself back into the working week. It’s an SEO quiz, devised by those clever folks over at Search Engine Land – and it beats propping your eyes open with the proverbial matchsticks while you read another lengthy article.

The quiz is for those that see themselves as an SEO guru (don’t we all?!) but perhaps still don’t know quite all there is to know about best practice. And who can blame us? The ever-evolving world of SEO moves so quickly, there’s almost a new – and vital- update with each day of the week. Click ‘Start’ over on the link above and see how you fare; like the very best school exams, it’s multiple choice too!

And just like that, the fun stops. Here’s an update that occurred as of January 1 – see, we told you things move fast in SEOville. It’s worth a quick look, if just to swat up on the latest developments at Bing and AOL. Explaining the reasons behind the partnership of two Internet powerhouses, the article also breaks the recent deal down in handy, bullet-pointed numbers – don’t forget to have a read via the link (above).

Another blog we’ve enjoyed here in The Evergreen Agency office is this one: SEO by the Sea. There’s plenty of interesting information to be gleaned and one of its latest pieces is no exception. The article: ‘Google Cross Device Tracking and Audio Watermarks’ discusses those fast-moving web developments we’ve touched upon a couple of times in this week’s installment.

The piece talks about an imaginary scenario in which you might be kicking back with a spot of television, while your TV broadcasts a high-frequency sound from an advertisement that your phone hears. It then shares this with an advertiser, who may then track whether you search for or purchase the product offered on a web site. Good or bad idea: what do you think?

Finally, this piece – via The Search Agents – may well have been published a week or two ago, but we couldn’t let this week’s In the News post go by without alerting you to it. In it, its author Daniel discusses the ever-powerful impact of automated content generators. Just like self-service checkouts are threatening supermarket jobs, gadgets that automate copy may soon make copywriters redundant. But will they, actually? Find out in the piece over on the light-heartedly-titled Search Agents blog.

Do we all need to work harder to ensure your own jobs don’t become obsolete? Or will we always be head and shoulders above technology? We’ll leave you with that one.

Until next time…