In the News This Week

Another week, another raft of digital projects coming our way! And after a lovely weekend spent outside enjoying the Great British weather (gloriously sunny, for a change!), we’re now back to it and ready and raring to put a smile on our clients’ faces via a job (or two!) well done.

How’s your week shaping up so far? If you reckon it could do with a kick-start, perhaps some of the hints and tips via our usual weekly ‘In the News’ roundup post will do it? Read on…

Received a Google penalty? Don’t let it happen again! Thanks to one of the latest articles via Search Engine Land, you can prevent penalties on your site to ensure everything’s ticking over quite nicely. In the article, the website’s columnist Brian Harnish looks at how to analyse links in terms of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, in a bid to ensure you don’t lose everything you’ve worked hard to gain in terms of traffic.

Moving over to (you know it’s one of our favourite resources here at The Evergreen Agency), Craig Bradford’s most recent post has just gone live this morning (Monday). The piece: ‘Digital Strategy Basics: The What, the Why, & the How’ focuses on the often complex topic of strategy.

In the article, Craig says: “Strategy is hard enough if you understand it. It’s even harder if you don’t. If you understand it, you realize it’s made up of many moving parts. If you don’t, the best you’ll come up with is some version of operational efficiency: building more links, writing more blog posts, making more video.”

The best way to learn a little more about strategy? Click the link above, grab a coffee and read!

Elsewhere on the Moz site, Rand Fishkin’s usual Whiteboard Friday instalment this time takes a look at landing pages – and if they should be SEO-focused, conversion-focused, or both. Discover what he thinks by heading over to the site.

Setting up a new blog? We’ve talked a lot about blogging capabilities on websites lately – and it’s with good reason. Helping you improve your website’s ranking without actually costing you anything, a blog could be a failsafe way to get found online.

With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to cast your eye over Search Engine Watch’s blog, which looks at five simple SEO practices to remember when setting yours up.

Ryan Boachie – the article’s author – says there can often be too much information out there, with guidance a little too technical. It means those setting up a blog can be stumped, when really there’s not much to it at all. Take a look at Ryan’s article; he shares a few techniques even those with very little SEO knowledge can carry out.

If you have the time, hop on over to Yoast as well – the folks there have put together this guide, which will more than see you right if you’re starting a blog. It’s a useful checklist, to help you get that blog article right first time. From keyword research to content, it covers everything you’ll need to know if you’re taking your first tentative steps into blogging for your business.

Now this blog was posted a little over a week ago but we didn’t want to let this week’s news roundup pass by without mentioning it. It can be found on the site and it’s titled: ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to know About Anchor Text (But Didn’t Know Who to Ask’). It’s quite a meaty read but we reckon you’ll get a lot from it – don’t forget to let the team here at The Evergreen Agency know if you put any of its tips into action.

Until next time…