In the News This Week

So how was your weekend? The past seven days have been so hectic for us here at The Evergreen Agency that some of our projects have spilled over into Saturday and Sunday – good job we love what we do!

Have the last seven days been just as fruitful for you? Great! The good news is we’ve compiled some of the most important updates and articles in one handy blog post – our weekly ‘In the News’ roundup – to save you sifting through reams of pages on this here Internet. It all starts here…

If hashtags leave you scratching your head in despair, don’t panic! In their simplest sense, hashtags are a way of sorting relevant information on a specific subject. They’re handy when you’re looking to filter through the hundreds – or maybe thousands – of updates making up your Twitter and Instagram feed; simply search by a particular phrase and voila!

Still not sure? This article by the folks behind the HubSpot blog has you covered via its simplified guide to marketing via the humble hashtag. Take a look; even the seasoned ‘hashtagger’ might discover something new!

Do you have a budget for monthly social ads? If so, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this piece from Christopher Ratcliff via WordStream’s Larry Kim. It was posted on Search Engine Watch last Friday and it’s full of useful info.

Reporting live from the website’s two-day search event in Miami, this is the second in a series of posts which summarises a few of the weekend’s sessions. Of course, you’ll definitely want to check out the other posts in the series too, which can be found over on the Search Engine Watch blog. Make sure you put aside some good time to read these, though, as you can easily lose a couple of hours to the articles on that site!

In the aforementioned piece, Chris discusses how PPC expert Larry Kim “rattled through 156 fascinating and incredible slides without taking a breath.” What that means for you is there’s a truckload of information to be gleaned via the link above, including hints on the current landscape of PPC and the impact of social media ads. Make sure you take a look, particularly if you’re in the process of refreshing your marketing strategy in 2016.

Elsewhere on the popular site, we spotted this invaluable piece for those looking to boost their mobile marketing strategy. With more and more businesses going fully responsive to cater for the rising number of mobile users, this is a piece you’ll most certainly want to bookmark as we plough on through the second week of February.

At the back end of last week, Rand Fishkin brought us this. It’s the MozBlog author’s latest ‘Whiteboard Friday’ installment and it asks the question: ‘Can SEOs stop worrying about keywords and just focus on topics?’

Rand discusses the subject at length, pondering if SEOs should ditch keyword targeting entirely. He does, however, say this is one big step for SEO guru kind – but one, which if poorly executed, could ‘potentially hurt your rankings’. Make your own mind up by clicking the link above and making some notes.

If you liked that article, by the way, you’ll definitely want to bookmark Rand’s own page over on Moz Blog, which lists his previous SEO-related musings in one convenient place.

Before we go, we’ll leave you with this. It’s SEOBook’s latest piece on how Google search works in 2016. Trust us, this is well worth a read!

Until next time…