In the News This Week

Good weekend? We’re finding that the busier we are during the week here at The Evergreen Agency, the quicker the two-day break seems to go – isn’t that just typical?! And now it’s back to it today, ready to tackle our mountainous to-do list.

As ever, we have some exciting projects on the go and we’re looking forward to making some good headway with them this morning. Without further ado, it’s our weekly SEO-related news roundup; get the kettle on and settle down – there are loads of hints and tips in this one.

In terms of social media, which platforms do you use when it comes to promoting your company’s services or products? While it isn’t an obvious one in terms of getting the word out about yourself and your team, Pinterest shouldn’t be overlooked – and you’ll discover why in this piece on the Search Engine Watch site.

The article – ‘Six Ways Pinterest is Becoming Serious About Visual Search’ – does exactly what it says on the tin, telling you how and why you should be using it to boost your business’s sales.

“Pinterest isn’t new in the social media industry, but there was always a feeling that it’s underperforming, compared to its potential, especially in the ecommerce world.” – so says the article’s author, Tereza Litsa.

Well, according to Tereza, this is due to change soon. The site will be focusing on its search functionality – and more specifically – on its visual search. And when you consider that a whopping 2 billion searches are performed every month on the platform, isn’t it time you got on board with a few picture-based updates?

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Want more news in one handy place? You can do a lot worse than check out this article – also on Search Engine Watch. It’s the ‘Five Most Interesting Search Marketing News Stories of the Week’ – and there are some good ones. Make sure you click the link above and swot up.

Meanwhile, over on the HubSpot blog there’s another social media-related piece you might want to take a look at. This one focuses on Twitter and, more importantly, brands’ use of cover photos.

If you haven’t already, ask yourself this: ‘Does the photo you have displayed at the top your Twitter profile really do your company justice?’ If the answer’s ‘no’, it’s definitely time to click the link above and see how you can improve it.

Speaking about making an impact when it comes to your company’s marketing, have you had chance to look at this piece by SEO Nick? It looks at the importance of choosing the right domain name for your brand – and how selecting the wrong one can do more harm than good for your site.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Technology for Marketing Insights blog. Why? It has a really interesting piece about how to ‘think like Google’ in a bid to avoid penalisation when it comes to your blog. Apparently, Google is about to come down hard on bloggers who link to companies who have paid them for a link on their site – find out why by clicking the link.

Before we sign off for another week, we wanted to alert you to this piece by Yoast. The subject matter is changes to Google Maps – and it just might come in handy for some of the smaller, more local businesses we work with. Don’t forget to bookmark it to read later, if you don’t have a spare five minutes now.

Until next time…