In the News This Week

A mountain of boxes have been unpacked and the kettle’s well and truly been christened – we’re very much settled into our new office space and we can’t wait to see what the coming months have in store.

It’s been another busy week here at The Evergreen Agency, with lots of new and exciting projects coming our way and we’re currently recruiting. As ever, though, we’ve found time to scour the Internet to bring you the latest in the SEO arena to ensure you’re as in the know as we are. Here’s what’s been happening in the past seven days or so…

Google Analytics reached double digits today as it marked its tenth birthday. Always a big milestone in anyone’s life, we had hoped the search engine would be celebrating like only a ten-year-old knows how – with jelly, ice cream and a big house party for all their pals – but we’re afraid it was not to be. In celebration of Google Analytics making it to the big 1-0, though, Search Engine Watch put this useful article together about ‘the features you’re probably not using.’

Chris Lake has penned the piece and in it he goes into detail about some of the platform’s more convenient functions – only a few of which you might be unaware of. He says there’s a number of features that are yet to be taken advantage of by the masses – according to a new survey – before letting you in on what they are. Prepare to be surprised by how Google Analytics can help you even further.

Over on Search Engine Guide, Jason DeMers talks the power of LinkedIn when it comes to SEO. The site is unappreciated, says Jason, but it’s actually a hidden gem for SEO. In fact, social networking sites like this one are becoming more important than ever, according to Jason, who adds that LinkedIn is the rising star in this ever-evolving game of SEO.

While the site began as a tiny networking start up, Jason says that LinkedIn has since managed to rack up over 350 million members in the 13 years since forming. “A website with that much attention can’t be ignored,” admits Jason – find out why by clicking the link above and swotting up. And while you’re at it, keep an eye on who’s been checking you out via LinkedIn’s ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile Function’; reaching out to a prospective new client could benefit you both.

Have you spent some time browsing Hubspot’s blog lately? It’s packed with SEO tips you can put into practice immediately to ensure you receive the website traffic you’re looking for. This week, we enjoyed a piece about creating engaging subject lines for your sales emails. After all, an intriguing subject line means more clicks on your email, which can ultimately equate to a higher number of sales. Take a look at the site’s advice and discover if some of it can be utilised in your next piece of e=-marketing.

As ever, we had to turn to to see what the SEO experts which form the team have to say this week. Like always, there’s a raft of good advice, particularly via this piece which advises business owners to think beyond the basics of SEO in order to give their site the very best chance of ranking.

We’ll see you next week with another blog, take care until then.