In the News This Week

Another week of SEO advancements and another seven days ticked off the calendar! Where is this year disappearing to?! We hate to say it, but it really will be Christmas before we know it. Yes, we uttered the dreaded ‘C’ word, but the fact is, anything we can all do to help alleviate the SEO stresses associated with the pre-festive rush now can only be a good thing. It’s exactly the reason we’re bringing you some updates you can get right on top of now, in plenty of time.

Barry Schwartz over on the SEO Round Table blog is becoming something of a regular here on our site – and it’s with good reason. It seems like what Barry doesn’t know about the world of SEO and its many advancements isn’t really worth knowing. This week is no exception; Barry’s pulled it out of the bag with an update about Google and its new Alphabet site.

Launched by Google’s co founders, Alphabet is set to the search engine’s parent company, and the umbrella under which many of Google’s other businesses will sit. Find out what it’s all about in Barry’s piece – along with a ‘joke’ that flouts the search engine’s guidelines. You can also find out what’s going to happen to Google advertisers now Alphabet is here, in an article of the same name over here.

Meanwhile, over on Site Pro News, Google was in the spotlight once again thanks to this piece. It asks the question: ‘Has Google hired an SEO manager to boost its rankings?’ and we think you’ll definitely want to read the response.

On another note, if you’re someone who regularly uses Facebook’s in-built advertising to post updates via your company’s profile you might enjoy reading this. It’s Search Engine Journal’s enlightening article on the best methods to optimise your ads – and we bet any business looking to increase traffic and boost engagement can learn from it. There’s even a handy video featuring further information, and the content itself is laid out in bullet points to ensure it’s so easy to digest, you can read it while eating your lunch.

If you’re a company new to the SEO arena – perhaps you’ve dabbled in adding key words to your site but you’re still not quite sure if you’re going about things the right way – you’ll love one of the latest articles from Search Engine Watch,

Written by Marcela de Vivo, the piece shows you where you might be going wrong if you’re yet to enjoy the traffic you think you deserve. ‘The Perils of Negative SEO: What You Need to Know’ helps you protect your website against lost traffic via some really handy tips and advice. In short, the blog advises you not to let a negative SEO attack get you down; it’s an all-too-common occurrence – particularly in fledgling businesses – but don’t be deterred. The key, says Marcela, is to carefully monitor your websites as often as possible, tracking any changes as you go.

Finally, we didn’t want to sign off without alerting you to Moz Blog’s big SEO study. It lays out the results of the site’s bi-annual Search Engine Ranking Correlation Study and we think you’ll have fun getting stuck into this over a huge mug of coffee – enjoy.

So, there you have it: another week’s worth of SEO-related articles to bookmark. Actually, if you only bookmark one site today, make it ours – it’s your one-stop-shop for all your SEO requirements. Plus, we promise to keep bringing you all the updates that’ll make your life easier in as jargon-free way as possible.

Until next time…