In the News This Week

Well, it’s been a strange old week so far. The music industry has lost one its most innovative acts in David Bowie and we were as shocked as the rest of the nation – and indeed, the world – to hear of his sad passing a couple of days ago. Of course, tributes have been flooding in for the musician, with everyone from this church organist, to US chat show host Jimmy Fallon paying their respects. Such is the power of the Internet.

And such is the power of David Bowie himself that he even inspired a digital marketing piece over on one of our favourite blogs, Twist Image. The article also discusses Motorhead’s Lemmy and how, apparently, a blog can be compared to them both. An interesting topic, we’re sure you’ll agree; find out more over on the link above.

The biggest SEO story of the week was the suspected release of the Google Penguin update, anyone who knows what Penguin is will know how frustrating it has been, waiting months for the next update to come. Over the weekend and the start of this week saw wide-spread gossip that the update was finally here. The SEO community for the most part were convinced with some websites reporting major changes in their rankings and traffic. Despite these changes many Penguin hit websites hadn’t moved and within 48 hours several Google employees had confirmed via Twitter that this in fact wasn’t a Penguin update, but a core algorithm update. Hang in there folks, it shouldn’t be long now, fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, over on MozBlog, Johnny Depp was the featured star – via his Edward Scissorhands character – in a piece focusing on how you can prune your e-commerce site. The article’s author says that “if there’s one SEO tactic that we’ve [the team at Moz] has seen work consistently throughout 2015, it’s the idea of pruning underperforming content out of Google’s index.”

Going on to say that it’s sometimes a result of ‘outdated’ SEO tactics, the blogger offers some really useful tips on making sure your ecommerce site is performing at its best. At The Evergreen Agency, we work with more than a few small to medium-sized ecommerce sites that could benefit from taking a look at this piece – make sure you check it out too.

Here’s an interestingly-titled article by those imaginative people over at HubSpot: ‘Are Pessimists More Productive Than Optimists?’ We know you’re itching to know the answer, so don’t forget to mosey on over there and take a look.

Elsewhere on the HubSpot site, this piece gives you some handy, easy-to-implement tips when it comes to getting more out of Twitter. While the piece didn’t go live in the last week, we couldn’t not share it with you when we stumbled upon it; it’s choc-full of advice you’ll be able to put into practice as early as today.

If you’re new to SEO, though, this other not-so-recent piece – will see you right when it comes to ensuring your blog is efficiently optimised. The article – ‘SEO for Idiots: The 10 Basics of Blogging Search Engine Optimisation’ – does exactly what it says on the tin, acting as a go-to guide to pushing your blog up in terms of its Google ranking. Implement some of the tips and wait for a boost in your traffic – and if you’ve no time to read it now, make sure you bookmark it to come back to later.

If that piece doesn’t take your fancy, there’s another one in a similar vein over on the Convince and Convert site. ‘Three Ways to Transform Your Blog into an SEO Machine’ explains, first of all, that simply having a blog doesn’t make it generate the audience you’re looking for. Work hard, though, and you and your site will reap the rewards.

Here in the office, we’ve seen a busy start to 2016. Harriet – our founder’s better half – has made herself at home and we’ve been rattling through a host of exciting projects. We hope the year’s got off to a good start for you, too.

Until next time,

The Evergreen Agency team