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We’ve got all sorts of exciting projects on the go, with a huge list to get through today alone. We’re starting the day as we mean to go on, though: with a huge mug of coffee (it is Monday, after all!). Let’s see how we get on…

The team at Site Visibility has pulled together 40 content marketing tools that are guaranteed to make your life easier in 2016. And hey, who can say no to that?! It’s time to claw back a little of your free time and see if you can pick up some handy time-saving tips via the link above.

The tools have been broken down into five simple categories, depending on where you need a hand when it comes to content marketing. Find out how to research, come up with ideas, market, create and measure your strategies – it really is worth a look if you get chance today.

Meanwhile, over on the Aimclear blog, there’s a piece based around psychographic targeting. Yep, it’s a thing – and if you’re not making the most of it when it comes to your content marketing plan for social media sites like Facebook, it might be time to read more.

Some news from Google, now. Did you know the search engine has begun a massive migration of their blogs, from to A piece over on Search Engine Land – one of our favourite sites for SEO advice – asks: will they listen to their own site migration advice? Find out more by taking a look at the search engine optimisation blog’s latest piece.

Alongside this – let’s face it, pretty big – blogging news, Google has also issued some guidelines to those who have their own space on the Internet. These days, you’d struggle to find a blog that isn’t fuelled by incentives from brands – and this has caught Google’s attention, with the platform offering some advice on what bloggers can do if and when bigger brands make an effort to engage with them.

The first piece of advice? Add nofollow links to company’s websites, social pages and any sites which sell the product a blogger is referring to. It might not seem it, but it’s so important that bloggers disclose any ‘advertising’ in this way, particularly if they’re to retain the following they’ve worked so hard for.

Another article which might be useful if you have a blog, but also if you’re the owner of a sparkly new website, is this one. It’s one of HubSpot’s latest pieces on the ‘what, why and how’ of meta descriptions. Ensuring your site or blog can be found, meta descriptions can take mere minutes to input but ensure a lasting effect when it comes to traffic.

Before we go, we’ll leave you with the latest edition of the popular Whiteboard Friday series, via Rand Fishkin at MozBlog. This week’s video – direct from the quirky, handlebar moustachioed marketer – focuses on ‘Using Related Topics and Semantically Connected Keywords in Your SEO’. It’s a bit of a mouthful title-wise, but a good one. Let us know what you think – and don’t forget to say hello to our new recruits if they happen to ping you an email.

Until next time…

  • Chris Stevens

    Nice update and congratulations and best wishes to the entire Evergreen team!

    14th March 2016