In the News This Week

As ever, we’re bringing you some of the most exciting and interesting SEO-related stories and info from around the net. Each one will help you do your job that bit better and they may even give you a push in the right direction when it comes to smashing-term business goals in the process. Without further ado, then…

We’ll start with last week’s ‘Whiteboard Friday’ – a weekly series via Rand Fishkin at everyone’s favourite SEO and marketing blog, Moz. In this week’s video and accompanying article, Rand talks about building killer content.

Focusing on how you can ensure your content targets specific keywords, Rand gives you some insight into creating your very own content-to-keyword map. Doing so will help you discover ‘where to optimise, what content to build, and how to intelligently target keywords when you’re auditing a site.’ If you haven’t already, we definitely recommend that you pop over to the Moz site; there are plenty of other interesting pieces to check out too, including this Essential Training Task List for Junior SEOs.

Good news for fans of the SEOBook site – its founder, Aaron, is back after a short hiatus. To mark the fact, he posted this rather insightful piece about social media – and its dark side. Yes, it does have one. In the article: ‘How I Learned to Start Loving Social Media’s Dark Side’, Aaron discusses just how much the digital marketing landscape has evolved in the last two years alone – make sure you head over there to see what he thinks about all the latest developments.

Moseying on over to Search Engine Watch (an absolute font of SEO knowledge, by the way), we had to alert you to this piece about SEO myths. Written by Tereza Litsa, the piece suggests it’s time to leave some of the most common SEO myths behind.

Tereza says: “Whether you’re an expert or a beginner at SEO, it’s always useful to compile all the myths you read about, so you can work out for yourself the ones you actually need to be worried about.” Want to discover some for yourself? Just click the link above – and enjoy.

If you’re someone who’s in the process – or just thinking about – setting up a website or a blog, you’ll definitely want to read the latest post to go live on the Blog Tyrant site. The article ‘How to Buy a Website and Start at the Top’ does exactly what it says on the tin: gives you all the info you need when getting started with your own little space on the Internet. Featuring some handy advice (and a warning or two) the piece is well worth a read if you’re taking the plunge this month or next – don’t forget to let us know how you get on.

Before we go…we wanted to share with you this Alternative Guide to Copywriting, written by Ken Scott over at Hallam Internet. It’s a useful little resource for those making their way into the industry, or business owners who’re looking for a spot of advice when it comes to boosting their brand via well-chosen words – give it a read.

Until next time…