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So, how did Valentine’s Day pan out for you? We hope you couldn’t open your front door for cards and treats. Today – to belatedly mark February 14, we’re sharing the love for the many websites out there that help keep us all informed about the latest goings on in SEO. Read on…

Today is quite possibly the only time (for the next year, at least) you’ll see a site like Tinder feature here in our weekly round-up blog. The dating website and app is the subject of another great blog from the team at – and as yesterday was Valentine’s Day, who are we to say no to featuring it here?!

‘Identity, Affinity and Personalisation: What Marketers Can Learn from Tinder’ is actually fairly eye-opening. You thought the app was just for single people looking to find that special someone but, in this case, it’s proving a great source of inspiration beyond the world of online dating.

The app described as a ‘modern dating’ phenomenon, can actually teach us all about singletons’ shopping behaviour – or so says the author of the latest Moz blog, anyway. With a little digging, it’ll help you tap into customers’ values at a very personal level, says Moz. Personalisation is the key here – and it can be used to great effect, says the site’s Bridget Randolph; find out more by clicking the link above.

Meanwhile on the very same site, the team posted this. It’s Moz’s annual report and our bet is you’ll want to put aside some time to check it out. The piece contains everything from news via Moz HQ to some of the biggest developments of 2015. If a few bits and pieces of news passed you by last year, let the article serve as a handy one-stop-shop to everything you’ve been missing.

SEONick has been busy over on his site, too. We thought you might like to read this – one of his latest pieces, which takes a look at social media. If your company’s due a rebrand, you won’t want to miss this article, which discusses the best way to manage your social profiles when a new look is on the cards for your brand.

Going back to basics a little bit now, Ramsay at BlogTyrant has put this live: a piece on the best source of web traffic for your business. He touches on some ‘sticky issues’ and some things to definitely keep in mind when writing blogs and other content online.

He says that what a lot of new bloggers don’t realise is that ‘sometimes the majority of your traffic can be absolutely useless for your blogging goals’. Of course, that’s exactly why it’s important to keep your end goal in sight, every step of the way – especially when it comes to creating content. It isn’t about putting together content for content’s sake, but rather ensuring you’re always on the money when it comes to posting the stuff your readers or customers are interested in.

Heard of Google’s Featured Snippet Box? HubSpot’s Matthew Barby tells you all about it in his latest piece. He says that in the past few years, Google has been refining the way it displays results to users – and Featured Snippets have become part of that. Discover what a Featured Snippet is and why it could be important to the future of your online business.

Before we go, we’ll leave you with this piece via Search Engine Land. In it, its author talks about 10 WordPress SEO questions he took 10 years to answer; trust us, if you only Bookmark one article this week, make it this one. If you’re looking to implement WordPress into your website this week, it’ll seem like this article has been written with you completely in mind.

Until next time…